Live Review: Bring Me The Horizon at O2 Academy, Sheffield. 4th May 2011.

Bring Me The Horizon, Architects, The Devil Wears Prada, While She Sleeps.
O2 Academy, Sheffield.
4th May 2011, 6pm.

Doors opened a little earlier than normal tonight to accommodate for the packed bill of the best bands that hardcore music has to offer at the moment. Sheffield quintet While She Sleeps kick off the proceedings and they play a very strong set. They go down well with their home crowd getting them moving which is very much a hard thing for an opening band to be able to do, perfect to open with tonight. Next up is American sextet The Devil Wears Prada who receive just as good a reception as the previous band. Pulling off an impressive set, they depart the stage leaving the crowd well and truly warmed for the next two bands.

The last support act of the night is Brighton hardcore band Architects. There is a lot of support here for the band and it looks like the crowd are well and truly up for what is to come and they are not disappointed. Lead vocalist Sam Carter’s screaming vocals and endless guitar riffs only fuel the frenzy of the mosh pits. Having released four albums over their career so far the band have plenty of material to choose from, playing songs such as ‘Delete, Rewind’ and ‘Red Eyes’ from new album ‘The Here and Now and ‘Hollow Crown’ and ‘Dethroned’ from 3rd album ‘Hollow Crown’. The hour long set packed with songs mainly from the band’s last two albums went down a treat with the crowd and got them prepared for the arrival of the headline act.

When Bring Me The Horizon took to the stage the atmosphere in the packed out academy room was full of anticipation of what was to come and excitement for what should be an amazing show. The band jumped straight in with ‘It Never Ends’, the first single to be taken from their new album, ‘There Is A Hell Believe Me I’ve Seen It, There Is A Heaven Let’s Keep It A Secret’, and from that moment the crowd where hooked whether they were singing along, in the mosh pit or just watching the band’s amazing performance. The set was filled with songs from their latest album along with songs from their critically acclaimed second album ‘Suicide Season’ such as singles ‘The Comedown’ and ‘Diamonds Aren’t Forever’ both greeted to an amazing reception. Sam Carter from Architects returned to the stage for the fourth song of the night ‘The Sadness Will Never End’ to add in his vocal abilities which compliment Oli Sykes screaming vocals so well. The most noticeable thing about the Bring Me The Horizon of now compared to the band of the past is their stage presence, it has grown along with the size of venues that they are now playing. The bigger stage set up with ramps only fuels the bands movement and energy onstage as they run and jump around. New single ‘Blessed With A Curse’ gets an amazing reaction from the crowd but it’s ‘Suicide Season’ that really captures people’s attention prompting a mass sing-a-long. Closing on ‘Anthem’ threw the crowd into a full on party with mosh and circle pits erupting throughout the room. The Sheffield band returned to the stage with ’Crucify Me’ and crowd favourite ’Chelsea Smile’ for one last chance to party and enjoy this hometown show. Finishing up with two band members climbing around the balcony and having put on an incredible performance, it’s fair to say that Bring Me The Horizon have improved vastly through the years of touring and hard work to become one of the best bands around at the moment.

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