Live Review: The Blackout at Engine Shed, Lincoln. 1st November 2011.

The Blackout and We Are The Ocean.
Engine Shed, Lincoln.
1st November 2011, 7pm.

We Are The Ocean are one of the hardest working bands in the British alternative scene having notched up a hell of a lot of live shows whether it’s on their own tours, at festivals or the years they have spent playing support to plenty of bands. Tonight, the band gave it their all with plenty of energy thrown in while their lead singer Dan Brown spends most of the set in the crowd. Playing a variety of songs from ‘Nothing Good Has Happened Yet’ right through to the more recent ‘The Waiting Room’ showcases the band’s back catalogue perfectly. After their performance tonight it’s clear to see how far the band have come in the past few years and it seems soon they will be headlining this room in their own right.

However, tonight is strictly The Blackout’s and as they take to the stage all eyes are on them for their biggest headline tour to date. Starting with ‘This Is Our Time’ is completely apt as this band has come from the valleys of South Wales to be headlining some of the best venues in the country. New songs from current album ‘Hope’ mix in with old classics perfectly creating an amazing 17 song long set. Old set closer ‘Save Our Selves’ has been moved to 3rd song on the set list showing that the band feel they have moved on and have stronger songs from their new album to replace the faithful oldies. ‘Never By Your Side’ and ‘The Devil Inside’ are full on heavy rock tracks filled with brilliant guitar sounds and thumping drum beats perfect for inciting the crowd into a frenzy. Even slower songs like ‘You’re Not Alone’, ‘The Storm’ and ‘Hope’ still have plenty of energy to them as the crowd sings along to every single word. As usual with a The Blackout show there is plenty of movement going on not just from the crowd but from the band mainly from lead singers Sean Smith and Gavin Butler who run and jump around the stage never standing still for too long. The stage setup and the lights also show an indication of the band’s success and even though there are plenty of visuals there to distract the fans that doesn’t mean that the band are slacking and they are still giving it their all to put on an amazing show. The last three songs of the night sees the crowd and band using up everything they have left with completely full on tracks, old favourite ‘I’m A Riot? You’re A Fucking Riot!’ sees fans running round the sound desk to create a circle pit, while ‘ShutTheFuckUppercut’ and ‘Higher and Higher’ sees plenty of crowd participation and even a rap from Sean as he fills in for Hyro Da Hero who features on the track. If you had any doubts about The Blackout having progressed to these bigger venues then tonight will have quashed them fully, with the show they put on and the attitude they have to playing live for putting on the best possible show they can it’s no wonder they have got this far.


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