LFW: Menswear.

The final day was menswear – I love men’s fashion and I get a lot of inspiration from menswear rather than womenswear. Also, I love a well dressed man so here’s my chance to showcase what I like in terms of menswear.

Lou Dalton

Jumpers, Doc Martens and crisp navy suits is the way all men should dress. There was a navy theme going on and that explains the hats. The tailoring is brilliant as all men’s tailoring should be.

Topman Design

Topman are usually brilliant when it comes to menswear and as good as this collection is, bar all the leathery/PVC stuff going on, it’s a little boring, as much as the designs are good, the lack of colour is not.

Oliver Spencer

To me this collection portrays exactly how I want a man to dress, brightly coloured with patterns, attention to detail and not afraid to experiment. I loved this collection, honestly if I was a man I’d buy the lot. My favourite menswear collection of LFW.

James Long

This is also a brilliant collection, my second favourite. The jumpers and patterns are brilliant. The shoes and jeans and everything just comes together so well showing the best of how men can dress.


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