Live Review: You Me At Six at Apollo, Manchester. 28th March 2012.

You Me At Six, Kids In Glass Houses.
O2 Apollo, Manchester.
28th March 2012, 7pm.

When two of the UK’s most exciting bands around at the moment teamed up to tour together, we all knew that it was going to be something amazing and when Kids In Glass Houses take to the stage tonight they know that they need to put on a good show. Their support slot gives them the chance to play only 8 songs from 3 albums, so obviously some fans will be disappointed that their favourite has not been played but the band do their best with the time they have been given. It’s third song ‘Youngblood (Let It Out)’ that really kicks the band’s set off tonight as the crowd move from foot tapping territory to jumping around and singing their hearts out which all bands aim for. ‘Give Me What I Want’ goes down a treat as does another old classic ‘Fisticuffs’. It feels like the set is over all too fast for the band and the crowd alike as ‘Matters At All’ rings the tune of their departure from the stage. Although, it was a bit of a slow start for the band, it was a brilliant set and one that shows just how good a live band they really are.

At around 9:45, the lights go down and the shadows of five ‘sinners’ holding number signs appears onstage, these shadows are You Me At Six and moments later the curtain drops as the band kick into first song ‘Loverboy’ taken from their new album ‘Sinners Never Sleep’. From the word go, the crowd are in the palm of the Surrey quintet’s hands, screaming, singing, jumping and full on losing themselves in the show. ‘Safer To Hate Her’ and ‘The Consequence’ from second album ‘Hold Me Down’, receive amazing reactions from this sold out Apollo crowd. ‘Take Off Your Colours’ is the only song taken from their first album of the same name and is an amazing moment for all the long time fans of the band here tonight. ‘The Swarm’ written for ride at Thorpe Park has only been out for a week or so but gets the type of reaction more associated with older classics, it also sounds absolutely brilliant live really showing off how good this band are onstage and just how far they have come over the years. The tempo is taken down a bit for a slower section of the show featuring songs ‘Liquid Confidence’, ‘Crash’ and new single ‘No One Does It Better’, the lighters/phones of fans creating a beautiful moment complete with a collective sing along. The band leaves the stage suddenly and when they return to the stage for their encore they apologise for having to leave without saying goodbye. Even though ‘Underdog’ is a short song it creates total madness within the crowd. ‘Stay With Me’ is yet another beautiful moment shared between the band and the crowd and finishing up with brilliant guitar riffs and pounding drum beats of ‘Bite My Tongue’ who’s harsh vocals are repeated from every member of the crowd. Lead singer Josh Franceschi also fills in for the screaming vocals which are sang by Bring Me The Horizon’s lead singer Oli Sykes on the album, proving he has more than just a good voice. After shows like this, it is easy to see why You Me At Six are the most in demand UK rock band around at the moment, successful albums, brilliant live shows and an army of loyal fans shows that UK rock music is nowhere near from dead, it is still alive and kicking.


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