american buys.

I mentioned the other day in the final of my New York posts that I bought a few things while I was away especially when I went to the shopping mall in New Jersey. I didn’t really buy all that much because I really don’t think that most American fashion is as good as it is here, especially for me as there is not as much pattern and colours etc. The one really good place that I found while I was there though was Forever 21. I’ve heard a lot about that shop but never really seen their stuff as we don’t have a shop here in Sheffield and I completely forget to check it out online. It is brilliant though and the one place that had brilliant fashion at ridiculously cheap prices, I was so impressed. I am a Forever 21 convert for sure and I placed an order online pretty much as soon as I got back to get a few bits and pieces I didn’t get while I was in America, plus they have a sale on at the moment as well. Here are the new additions to my wardrobe:

Bowties Are Cool T-Shirt from Hot Topic – $22.50.

Billabong Dress with detatchable straps from Zumiez – $45.

Obey ‘Make Art Not War’ Jumper from zumiez – $36.99. [part of buy 1 get 1 free deal]

GLMR Kills Vest from Zumiez – free, meant to be $24.99. [part of buy 1 get 1 free deal]

Studded Black Top from Forever 21 – $14.80.

Olivia and Joe Bag from Macy’s – $90.

Bar my bag this is by far my favourite purchase from my trip to America. Pretty much everyone knows that I am a massive fan of Sherlock Holmes, the TV programme and the books. I’ve read most if not all of the books before but this edition was too amazing to leave in the store. It’s an exclusive to Barnes and Noble and it really is a beautiful looking book. It is something I can treasure for the rest of my life and for it’s quite cheap price you can’t complain at all.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes book from Barnes and Noble, $20.

Finally, a must have sweets purchase. When I went to see blink-182, Tom DeLonge was talking about and eating these exact sweets so when I found them in America I had to buy a packet just to see what they are like and I love sour sweets too.


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