back in blighty.

Hi all,

I am back from New York, well I’ve been back a few days now but I’m still trying to catch up with everything mainly sleep, jetlag has been a definite killer. Hopefully, you all caught my New York blog posts while I was away. I had an utterly brilliant time, it was a once in a lifetime holiday really and it was just amazing! I still can’t really believe that I have been, it’s not sunk in at all. I do still wish I was there but getting excited for Leeds festival and finishing planning/starting booking my Europe trip should banish any holiday blues I have.

On Friday, I went into town to change the dollars I had left into some money I’m more familiar with and I had a good look around town. I obviously got a few bits and pieces, H&M’s collection at the moment is brilliant! Plus, it’s nice to be back to the Great British High Street with it’s uniqueness and eclecticness. A pretty layered up outfit was needed for Friday, so much different from the sun of today.

Dress from New Look, Cardigan from Primark.

Some of my new purchases from the past couple of days since returning home:

Hat – £7.99, Skirt – £7.99 and Top – £7.99, all from H&M.

Block Your Green and Black Cab Nail Varnish – 2 for £4.

Candles -£1 and £2.50.

I arrived home from America to a load of post mainly uninteresting stuff like mobile phone bills and bank statements but one package was certainly a highlight. My Bastille t-shirt has arrived! I love it, the t-shirts are so brilliant, such a good design. I did order a large though as I wanted it a bit baggier on me but it is really big, although I can always take it in if it’s too huge really. I do really love the shirt a lot and I will be wearing it when I see them at Leeds Festival, I’m so excited to see them now it’s a bit ridiculous.

On my last blog before I went away, I wrote about receiving my copy of Foals Tapes. I listened to it on the plane going and it’s really brilliant. A whole mixed bag of stuff but it really works and fits together well. I don’t even know how Edwin managed to make all those different songs work so amazingly together but he did. There really are loads of different sounds going on here and listening to this you can see that they’ve influenced Foals and given them that really unique sound that they have got. There’s plenty of good stuff on there though and it’s definitely opened up the doors to a load of artists for me that I’ve never listened to before. If you get the chance pick up a copy and get discovering some music you probably haven’t heard before.

Also, as I am back from my holiday my ebay store is up and running again with loads of new items added too.


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