day at the seaside.

This Sunday, I went to Bridlington with my parents so I thought I’d share a few photos and bits and pieces with you. I’d not been to Bridlington since I was very small about 3 or 4 so I didn’t really remember much of it but it is really nice. Such a small seaside town atmosphere and it’s lovely. The beach is really nice and there are plenty of little shops and cafes to explore.




We got there at about 12 had a bit of dinner before we went for a walk along the promenade. We went around a few of the shops and I bought quite a few bits and pieces, which I’ll talk about later, before getting some afternoon tea and cake. Well chocolate milkshake and apple pie in my case. It was the best apple pie I have ever eaten as well, it was lovely, I asked for ice cream with it and thought I’d just get a little scoop but I got loads. Cheap prices, total value for money and lovely food.

We spent another hour or so in the town centre exploring before getting some chips for the way home. It was such a lovely day, really nice weather as well. Obviously there was only a bit of sun and I got sunburnt. It was nice to get away from Sheffield for a bit as well after the past couple of weeks of stress and what not. It is a seaside town that I would definitely visit again to find some more hidden treasures and the relaxing atmosphere.

Here is what I bought while I was in Bridlington as well:

candle holder – £3.50, brooch – £6.00, mushroom – £2.00, all from Behind The Times.

Behind The Times is a really cute little vintage store in the town centre, it’s full of lovely bits and pieces for your home and if I had more money I would have bought so much more. I really did want to buy everything, if you are in Bridlington soon then head there.

vase – 99p.


trinket box – £5.00.

I can’t remember how much the items were but I think all the items came to less than £10.

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