Book Review: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Pride and Prejudice.
Jane Austen.
Vintage Classics.

A book about love, friendships, family, class and in a way people’s preconceptions and a book I fully enjoyed. Elizabeth Bennett is the 2nd of 5 daughters, a headstrong woman but who cares immensely of her family mainly her father and her eldest sister, Jane. When Mr Bingley and Mr Darcy arrive in town the lives of everyone change in some way but for Jane and definitely for Elizabeth the changes that happen in their lives are huge. A very well written novel that has plenty of drama, a little bit of humour and a love story at the centre of it, albeit an unconventional one. I’ll not say how it ends in case you haven’t read it but it is a happy one and the ending I really wanted for all the characters.

Obviously, it’s a extremely popular book and one I had heard a lot about and I thought it was about time I read it. Austen writes the characters in such a way that you really do form strong opinions of them, for example I loved Elizabeth, Jane and their father but hated Lydia and their mother. Then we get to Mr Darcy the man pretty much every woman has found themselves talking about, the hate I felt for him in the first half of the book was quite extraordinary but then there comes a chapter where he became a man I loved, admired and felt a little bit sorry for. The genius of Austen’s writing is found 100% in that character and the way your opinion changes of him so quickly. Even though the novel is set over a long period of time, just over a year, it never gets boring or stale and there is always something going on within their family life. It’s a book that explores love, marriage and they way it all worked back then, mainly to do with how much money you had and who your connections which seems quite a sad affair but I think the main story of the book bucks that trend. It’s a book I really enjoyed reading a lot and I think it is a book that pretty much anyone will enjoy to read. A true classic and a fine example of brilliant literary writing.

All words by Charlotte Randall.


Pride and Prejudice Book Cover image.


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