new music: the crookes.

Being from Sheffield myself I’ve heard a lot about this next band from people I follow on Twitter/Facebook and from local music press. The reason why there has been so much talk about this band in this here city is because they have some talent and their music is pretty bloody good.

The Crookes as I’ve mentioned are from Sheffield. They are named after the Crookes area of Sheffield where the two original guitarists of the band met. They are a four piece band that formed in 2008 but it’s over the past couple of years that this band have really come to the attention of many more people. Releasing their first single ‘A Collier’s Wife’ back in 2009, they have since then released 2 albums and an EP. The band signed to Fierce Panda Records last year and released their debut album ‘Chasing After Ghosts’ with them that month.

They create indie tunes that you can dance along to and lead singer, George Waite, has a really lovely voice to just sit back and listen to his vocals. There are great melodies and you can tell that they are inspired by the music of the 50’s and 60’s. Steve Lamacq has talked about the band’s eclectic comparisons with The Smiths and The Everly Brothers and Noel Gallagher said ‘they’ve got good lyrics. All bands from Sheffield have good lyrics.’

Having recorded live sessions for Radio 1, collaborating live with Richard Hawley and being named 6Music’s new favourite band before Lamacq stating they were his ‘favourite band of the year’ on Radio 2. They’ve become regulars at Sheffield’s own Tramlines festival, recorded live session tracks for Sheffield own Exposed magazine and played plenty of shows as headliners and with other bands they have certainly earned the attention they are getting.

The band are currently on tour with another of Sheffield’s finest Hey Sholay and to find out tour dates or to find out more about the band then visit their website or their Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter – @TheCrookes

Here’s the video for the band’s single ‘Maybe In The Dark’:


Noel Gallagher quote.


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