saturday mash up.

I’ve done posts a bit like this before where it’s just a mish mash of a lot of things from that week/couple of weeks. I thought it was about time I gave them a name and an actual day for them to happen. They might not be a weekly thing but from now on when I have a load of things to say that don’t all necessarily need a full post to themselves then they will be stuck in here. So here is to my first Saturday mash up post.

Storage Boxes from TK Maxx, £6.99 and £7.99.

My bedroom is small, like ridiculously small and I own a lot of stuff that however much I try I just can’t seem to part with. That combined with my complete neat and tidyness OCD is a really bad combination so after inheriting a lovely vintage suitcase from my Grandad’s I thought it was about time I tackled this mess. I saw these two boxes in TK Maxx and as I was looking for a hat box anyway I thought that they would be perfect for helping to storage situation. One of them has things all to do with New York on and the other things all to do with Paris on, which I thought seemed appropriate after my travels this year as well. They are a lot bigger than they look and were very cheap and now my room is fully de-cluttered and I am a much happier person for this as well.

Green Day T-shirt, Jeans from Primark, Underground Creepers from Office.

Not the best outfit picture but this is what happens when I completely forget about outfit posts and try to do them last minute. Anyway, I’m ridiculously happy with these jeans from Primark, comfy, a good fit and only £11! Primark you are my jeans saviour.

I’ve eaten out way too much lately and with graduation and Christmas on the way it’s not really going to change much either. The other day me and mum went for lunch at Patisserie Valerie, as it was so good last time we ate there we thought it would be good to go and again and try something different from the menu. I had one of the quiches of the day, Broccoli and Pepper, with new potato salad which was really delicious and the pastry was wholewheat pastry which was so lovely. I had an iced chocolate frappe as well, they do the best frappes of anywhere else. Yet again like last time I wrote about them on here I completely recommend Patisserie Valerie.

Finally, as I finished my Christmas shopping this week I thought it was time to go and get my cat her birthday and Christmas presents this week. But also while I was in Tesco I saw this advent calendar for cats! I’m not sure if this is a new thing or not but as it’s my first Christmas with a cat it’s the first time I’ve ever noticed them. I got this from Tesco, £3 for 24 treats and you get a mouse toy for Christmas day, brilliant value so your cat can also count down to Christmas with you.


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