music update #4

We’re on the 4th music update already which means that I’ve been writing these for a month, time flies! I hope you are all enjoying these posts and let me know if you think there is anything I should be including, I’d love to hear your opinions.
Firstly, congratulations to Olly Murs for getting to number 1 with ‘Troublemaker’ I absolutely love that song, it’s nice to have a number 1 that I actually like for a change.

Speaking of the charts, it’s 60 years since the charts first started this year and to celebrate there has been various programmes and events going on. Firstly, there was a programme on BBC4 on Friday night called ‘The Joy of the Single’, which you can still watch on iPlayer. The programme looked at first singles, B Sides, commercial radio and DJ’s, the perfect pop song and more. It’s a really good watch and I completely recommend it especially if you are interested in the music industry in any way. Also, there was a programme on ITV1 last night, The Nation’s Favourite Number 1, which is just a countdown of what has been voted the nation’s favourite chart topper. What do you guys think it will be? Or more importantly what do you want it to be? Personally, I feel like it is going to be something from the 80’s, let’s face it they made some brilliant music back then and singles and number 1’s were still important back then. People still bought singles, physical copies as well, back then and the race for number 1 was a massive thing especially at Christmas. These days we download songs without even thinking about whether we love the artist or not you can find pretty much any song on iTunes or it’s other equivalents. Number 1’s aren’t so important these days to many acts either, but I guess in it’s way the singles chart is still relevant.

The thing that saddens me slightly about downloading songs is that teenagers these days don’t have that connection with an album or a single that most people do. I know it’s mainly people of my parents age that talk about this but I’m a fan of the physical copy of music over a file on my computer. The first single I ever bought was ‘All About You’ by McFly which I played to death I honestly think my mum was ready to chuck the CD and my radio out of the window. As much as downloading is much more convenient for people to buy music and I’m not being all down on downloads it’s just a shame that music memories in terms of purchases and cherished albums aren’t being made as much anymore.
If you want to know what is going to be big in 2013 or what you should be looking out for then turn your attention to Line of Best Fit’s website for their ‘Ones To Watch’ list. The first 3 acts where revealed today including Flume who I found out about through Annie Mac’s radio show and who’s track I posted up on this blog a few week’s ago. For the rest of the week another 3 acts will be revealed everyday so if you want to know who to look out for in the world of music next year then visit their website or follow them on Twitter – @bestfitmusic.

This Thursday will see the first announcement for Reading and Leeds Festivals, with the first batch of tickets going on sale on Friday morning and a brand new payments scheme it seems like the festival is doing it’s very best to make it more affordable in a time where people have less and less money. So with an announcement on the horizon that means there are predictions galore for headliners, personally I’d love to see Green Day and Queens of the Stone Age headlining that festival. I’ve never seen either of those bands and I would love to see them. Also, I wonder if they will bring back an older band again like the last two years with Pulp and The Cure both being so successful. What are your predictions for this year’s line up?

Finally it’s track of the week time. The official video for this track was released last week. It’s a cover of an Eberhard Schoener and Sting song and was part of the latest Late Night Tales collection. I posted the song on my blog ages ago now but here is the slightly weird/eerie video for you all.

Track of the week: ‘Why Don’t You Answer’ by Friendly Fires.


Olly Murs Picture.
Line of Best Fit images.
Reading and Leeds image.


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