saturday mash up #3

Top from Forever 21, Trousers from Topshop.

Leggings from Topshop.

A couple of outfit pictures from the past couple of weeks. My recent Topshop purchases from a couple of months ago have definitely benefited my wardrobe greatly, the jeans and leggings are being completely over-worn. Topshop jeans are pretty brilliant for comfort and practicality, they are a little bit expensive at normal price [this is why I only buy them in the sale] but my money was definitely well spent.

Featuring on the blog a little bit later than I had planned this too but as usual with me it’s better late than never. Here are my graduation presents from my mum, a Henry Holland shirt that I saw a couple of months ago and instantly wanted, a graduation mug with an owl on it and a graduate cap charm for my charm bracelet. All such amazing presents, I didn’t expect anything so to get all of this is amazing and it’s all comprising of my favourite things, clothes, Henry Holland clothes, tea, owls and charms.

A little Christmas treat for me and my mum that we bought today. Obviously Christmas stuff is out in shops stupidly early so we saw this back in October and decided to get it as a treat for over Christmas for us both. I was going to buy one of those where you decorate it yourself but I couldn’t really be bothered this year to decorate it so we bought this instead which looks much better than anything I could ever do. It was £15 from John Lewis which is a little expensive but it is that time of year were it is exceptable to treat yourselves so why not.

Last Wednesday, I went to see Foals, which I’ve written a review of and stuck up on here. The gig was absolutely incredible, I’ve never seen them before and I’ve been wanting to see them for such a long time. When I found out they were playing a tour of tiny rooms and coming to Sheffield I was so happy. I’d heard loads of good things about them live and seen loads of live videos on YouTube but nothing does them justice like actually seeing them. They are definitely up there as one of, if not the, best live bands I have ever seen. The new songs sounded really amazing live and with the reaction from the crowd they felt like old classics and fitted in so well with the rest of the set. I’m even more excited for the release of ‘Holy Fire’ now and their tour in March where I shall be seeing them in Leeds.


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