Illamasqua Lipstick Review – ‘Howl’.

I know I never really write about make-up/cosmetics on here, for good reason as it’s not really my strong point but I thought for once I had a reason to write about it.

A couple of weeks ago when I was in Leeds I got one of these make-up vouchers for Illamasqua. I must admit I’d never heard of the make-up brand before, I’m not massively into make-up. I know the main brands, I know what suits my face/skin type and I wear pretty much the same make-up every day and only put a little extra effort in if I’m going on a night out. Needless to say even though I wear make-up pretty much every day I don’t have a lot of it just what I need and that’s all so I didn’t know if I’d actually use it.

Me and my friends I was with went into the shop just around the corner to have a look and although I found nothing in the shop I wanted that day I went home knowing I wanted a new lipstick anyway so why not buy one from them. After a while browsing their website and trying to figure which colour I liked and that would suit me I settled on ‘Howl’, a deep red colour. I usually stick to the deeper, darker colours of the lipstick spectrum anyway as I’m not a fan of pinks/oranges with my complexion and this looked like a perfect colour for me.

Their make-up I must admit is more on the expensive side than what I usually buy, the lipstick should have been £16 but with the 15% discount from my voucher it was £13.60 still expensive really but at least I spent the money on something I was wanting. The website is very easy to navigate and everything is split up into easy to use and find sections. The colour swatches for the lipsticks are very useful and definitely a true likeness to the colour which was extremely helpful for me as I’m very wary of buying make-up especially lipstick online in case the colour doesn’t suit me. My delivery was here very quickly and well packaged. The tube the lipstick comes in is very sleek and well designed.

As for the lipstick itself it’s quite a matte finish which for me is absolutely perfect. I wore it the other week when I went to Manchester and even though I went to eat before the gig it stayed on very well, I only had to touch it up very slightly. Bar that it stayed for hours really well and didn’t lose it’s colour. I also wore it on Christmas Day and did not have to reapply once after eating and drinking as well. Even though the price is slightly out of my usual make-up price range I would definitely recommend them. They have a very good range of colours and with it being such a brilliant product I would more than likely buy another one of their products in the future.



Lipstick Swatch Image.

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