sale buys.

Hello January and hello sales. At the moment I’m trying not to spend as much money on things I don’t necessarily need so I made a list of things that I really needed so I didn’t get distracted and buy things I didn’t need in the sales. I’ve done well with that in this year’s January sales but I must admit the sales could have been a lot better than they were as there are still a couple of items I am in need of. Also, I noticed that although online is usually the place where all the stock the high stores have is found that was not the case with Topshop. Their online sale wasn’t brilliant and I found 2 items I wanted although when I went in store the other day I found at least 10 items I would have left with but I only bought 3 of those which were things I needed.

Black Dress from Dorothy Perkins – £22.

There is this mantra in fashion that every woman needs a black dress, mainly a little one, and I must admit the past 3 dresses I have bought that I would all consider going out dresses have been black. I love colour and pattern but I just think a black dress is so effortless for a night out, styled in the correct way it’s the easy and timeless night time outfit. It doesn’t show well in the pictures but that dress is quite sparkly which in my eyes makes it even more beautiful a garment of clothing.

Red Leopard Print Boots from ASOS – £15.

My trusty Primark boots finally fell apart this year, it was only a matter of time really, they’ve had a good innings and survived travelling around Europe with me. I’ve always wanted some Chelsea boots and these ones are a lot cooler than just black ones.

Maroon Hoodie from Topshop – £15.

Triangle Ring from Topshop – £4.

Eagle Vest from Topshop – £5.

Cosmic Print Leggings from Topshop – £10.

I saw these leggings back in October/November and decided that I wanted them back then but they were a little expensive. But after a clothing clearout and a massive drop in price they are mine, only one pair left in the shop in my size it’s like we were meant for each other.

Compass T-Shirt from Topshop – £10.

Homeware bits and bobs from Dunelm Mill.

At some point this year, me and my mum will be moving and I’m already looking for the perfect bits and pieces for my new room. I’ve already bought my new bed, designed it and picked out the furniture I want [I did always want to be an interior designer] and these few bits and pieces I got in Dunelm Mill’s sale last week will be perfect additions to my room. I’m a little obsessed with ornaments I have a lot but all this came to around £15. If you are wanting to pick up a homeware bargain I completely recommend their sale, it is brilliant.


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