music update #8

It’s a new year which means new music from new and old bands, I for one am ridiculously excited about quite a few new releases for this year already. So for my first post of the year I’ve decided to have a look at some new music for this year and a story about one of the most anticipated film releases of the year.

BBC’s sound of 2013 list was announced last week and I’m sure you are all aware that the winners this year are Haim, the critically acclaimed 3 piece all girl band of sisters. Bloggers and music journalists alike have been talking about this band for a long time and to back up their opinions the sound of 2013 list agrees with their thoughts. They are currently working on their debut album which should be out this year. The band’s first hit ‘Don’t Save Me’ is stupidly catchy, indie pop at it’s finest far many years.

The rest of the top 5 went as follows: number 2 is AlunaGeorge an r’n’b duo, at number 3 is rapper Angel Haze, soul singer Laura Mvula is at number 4 and number 5 is Glasgow’s 3 piece Chvrches.

There is a lot of talent on the list and I think it is a good compilation of the new acts to look out for this year and some of them are not necessarily the really obvious choices that journalists and bloggers have been hyping up for ages as well which is brilliant giving others recognition that they deserve. I’ve listened to all the artists on the list and I only really like Haim and Chvrches personally but not only does it showcase some amazing talent but there really is something for everyone on this list covering a lot of different genres and sounds.

One thing I am excited about this year that isn’t music related is the release of the new The Great Gatsby film. The book is my favourite book of all time, I love the story and the 1974 film with Robert Redford as Gatsby was really good. I’m looking forward to this even more because I think it will be a better film and it’s been a long time in the making as well. The big news this week though was that Jay-Z is teaming up with The Bullitts to work on the score for the film. At the moment I’m not sure how I feel about it obviously it’s not going to be down his usual music route so that gives me hope as I’m not really a Jay-Z fan and I massively doubt that he’s going to try and make this film set in the 1920’s a hip hop soundtrack. Also, he is a massively talented producer no one can take that away from him. Also, it has been revealed that Prince and Lady Gaga will have new songs in the film. I’m interested to see how all these artists famed for music very different from that of the 20’s work their songs so that they fit with the film. So now when the film is finally released later this year not only will I be hugely interested in how much the film follows the book and looking at the 20’s fashion which I am a little bit obsessed with but we will all get to hear their work and see for ourselves whether they were good choices for the film’s musical soundtrack.

Also, last week saw the first play of the new Bring Me The Horizon track ‘Shadow Moses’ and again the band have produced an absolutely brilliant song. I am so looking forward to their return later in the year with their fourth album ‘Sempiternal’. They are one of the best bands of their genre in the UK at the moment for sure consistently produced brilliant music. Here is ‘Shadow Moses’ for those of you that haven’t yet heard it:


Gatsby image.
bring me the horizon image.

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