mid-week things.

T-shirt and Jeans both from Topshop, Underground Purple Creepers.

I’ve noticed recently that Topshop has started taking over my wardrobe again as it did a couple of years ago. In terms of high street stores I really think they are one of the best around at the minute, really creating great clothes covering the majority of the current seasonal trends.

There is so much going on in the worlds of music and fashion at the minute I’m finding it hard to keep up with everything. LCM is on at the minute and from pictures I’ve seen there have been some brilliant shows, more on that soon with a blog I’m working on. For music, there is a lot of new music from this year already surfacing on the internet to add to the pile of albums I missed last year that I promised myself I would give a listen.

Today has been my day for trying to catch up with everything. Fashion stuff is pretty much under control and I’m making my way through this year’s tracks as well, all this while applying for a load of jobs. I am the definition of multi-tasker today and somehow I’ve found time to write a little blog post.

I’ve also just finished reading Company’s bloggers issue and it’s given me a few more ideas for this blog. Firstly, blogging more regularly is definitely something I’m going to be doing, I seem to have just resorted to posting twice a week with my music update and saturday mash up posts but that shall change and I have some ideas for posts stored away from last year as well as new stuff so expect more blogs heading your way soon. Also if there is anything you would like to see on this blog be it fashion, music, books, whatever or if you would like something of yours featured on here for example your band then feel free to email me at lottie7785@gmail.com, comment on this post or tweet me – @charlottiebob

A couple of songs I’m listening to today:

Thumpers had their very first play on radio 1 last night with this song thanks to the wonderful Zane Lowe. There a newish band and one of the guys in the band was Friendly Fires old touring bassist. I really do like this song and I’m hoping the guys start getting more and more recognition this year. The song is being released through Transgressive records and you can pre-order the rose-tinted vinyl of the single here but hurry because there are only 250 pressings.

‘Tonight’ is the first single from Theme Park’s debut album due to be released later this year. I saw this band play at Leeds Festival this year and though I’d never heard of them before this I loved their sound a lot. This track is produced by Ed Macfarlane of Friendly Fires and the upbeat sound, it reminds you of summer and it definitely makes you want to dance. If you are feeling down today listen to this, it will make you feel a lot better.

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