LC:M A/W 2013.

Another round of LCM has been and gone and it’s left us with some brilliant collections to look over again. On here I’m just going to look at some of my favourite designers, collections, outfits and pieces. As I’ve said before I’m not a fashion journalist giving an in depth analysis of what’s on offer and I don’t claim to be these are just my opinions and look at what went on, I hope you enjoy.


Lou Dalton

Another brilliant collection from Lou Dalton for the A/W 13 season. I really love the different shade and textured panels on the coat and the jacket making a rather staple clothing item which can occasionally look a little boring more interesting but in a really subtle way.

Topman Design

So Topman went on the journey, the journey of a traveller taking in places such as the Arctic Tundra and the spice markets of Morocco. The clothes are practical but interesting with the colours and little details such as short classic Mac’s and little compasses on the rucksacks. The rucksacks as well are absolutely beautiful pieces, the type of rucksack I personally have always wanted and I wouldn’t mind getting myself one of those. Taking in practicality with jumpers and the trousers and ending with smart dressing with suit jackets and shirts and ties. As a collection it pulls off what it set out to do very well with some really nice pieces.

Hentsch Men

Beautiful double breasted suit jackets worn with jumpers, simple colours but effective styling.

Mr Start

A statement coat in the first picture and a more laid back but still a smart outfit in the second picture. Two examples of some good pieces from Mr Start’s A/W 13 collection.

Hackett London

So the style may look like a London banker from years gone by but I love it, the patterned jumper worn underneath the suit jacket gives the outfit a slightly more casual and updated look on the usual waistcoat under suit jacket look. Also, more men need to wear bowler hats again it’s a style of hat that needs to make a comeback for men as it is so popular for women now.


Vivienne Westwood MAN

These were my two favourite outfits from the collection. There was a lot of good pieces throughout but these are the ones were I like everything that is going on in the outfit. The casual bomber jacket with stripy leggings/tights[?] and yellow shoes is a brilliant look. The tartan suit is a brilliant alternative to the usual one colour/pinstripe suit and from the looks of other LCM collections tartan is going to be big in A/W 13.

Oliver Spencer

My favourite menswear designer delivers yet another brilliant collection this season. The colour palette and textures are brilliant, the tweed jackets and spotted shirts are a favourite of mine when it comes to mens style and they are done really well here. It’s a classic and grown up look but but at the same time it is still wearable for a man in his twenties with stylish updates of the colours and patterns.


E Tautz

Simple grays and blacks with a bright touch of orange, probably the colour of A/W 13 if LCM is anything to go by. There is some interesting patterns going on in the pieces and the brocade pattern on the shirt is one of my favourites.

Christopher Kane

Wearable clothing with simple colours but with little details to make the pieces more interesting, see the grey leopard print shirt and Frankenstein’s face on the jumper above.


All Lou Dalton images from GQ’s site.
All Topman Design images from GQ’s site.
Hentsch Men image from Clash magazine’s site.
All Mr Start images from GQ’s site.
All Hackett London photos from GQ’s site.
All Vivienne Westwood MAN images from GQ’s site.
All Oliver Spencer images from GQ’s site.
All E Tautz images from GQ’s site.
All Christopher Kane images from GQ’s site.

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