saturday mash up #6

Vintage Jumper, Leggings from Topshop, Leopard Print Boots from ASOS, Marc B Bag.

I wore this outfit the other day while I was running a few errands, I’ve been really busy at the moment sorting through loads of stuff at home and my grandad’s, I’ve come to the conclusion that I come from a family of hoarders. So I’m currently busy making a list of items that need to go and be sold, me and my mum are planning on going to a carboot sale to sell as much stuff as we can, does anyone know of any good carboots in Sheffield that run throughout winter? Let me know if you do.

My beloved Marc B bag, I’ve had this bag for years now but I’ve not used at much as I should have so I’ve pulled it out of my massive handbags storage box to get some use out of it. I got it from ASOS a few years ago, I think it was around £25-£30. At the time everyone had bags with chain handles on but I wanted one a little different so I went for this one with the different coloured stitching for the quilting effect and the animal print material for the lining it just looked so different and cool. I currently own 3 Marc B bags, one I’m selling on ebay at the moment if anyone wants to grab a bargain and one that has a broken zip at the moment, praying that I can fix it though as I love the bag, it does look a bit like a Mulberry bag but it was a hell of a lot cheaper. My main point of writing about this bag though is that I think Marc B bags are really brilliant and probably don’t get as much recognition as they should get. They are well designed, the linings are always beautiful and they are actually quite cheap for the quality. I’ve bought the other 2 from TK Maxx so they were around £30 instead of the £50 to £60 they should have been but I would happily have paid the full price for them. If you are planning on getting a new bag soon then I definitely recommend this brand, as well as ASOS and TK Maxx they are stocked on Topshop’s website.

Finally I thought I’d end with the best thing I have seen on the internet this week. I’m sure you’ve all seen it by now anyway but if you haven’t here it is. Tom from McFly’s wedding speech, it really is the most amazing and sweetest wedding speech in the world. Men of the world take note.


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