Shirt and Shorts from Tesco, Shoes and Necklace from Primark.

This is the outfit I wore on Sunday for my mum’s birthday meal. It was a big birthday but my mum didn’t really want much of a fuss so she settled for a meal at Frankie and Benny’s, although we are going to Edinburgh later in the year for her birthday as well. We didn’t tell them it was her birthday however the waiter noticed the badge my auntie ad bought for her and they did that majorly embarrassing thing that Frankie and Benny’s do and dim the lights and have everyone in the restaurant singing happy birthday to you. Luckily as it wasn’t my birthday I just found it really funny but it was all fun.

I’ve spoken before about how I think the supermarkets can actually produce some really good clothes and accessories. The Tesco store I shop at has quite a small clothing section so it’s a bit more rare to find some good stuff in there but occasionally you come across a few gems and always at good, affordable prices. The shorts I bought a couple of years ago and I still love them even though they are a little bit too big for me now. The shirt I only bought last week, I’ve been on a search for a new shirt that I can wear for nights out etc for a while now and this one will do just fine, I love the khaki colour it’s a bit different for night time but still goes with plenty of other items.

I watched Control the other night after getting the DVD for Christmas. The film is about the life of Ian Curtis from Joy Division, based on the biography ‘Touching from a Distance’ by his widow Deborah, from just before the band started, the time in Joy Division and following his suicide. The film stars Sam Riley as Ian Curtis and he did an absolutely brilliant job of portraying such an iconic figure in music and the troubles in his life. I’ve always loved Joy Division but I never really knew that much about them and I knew Ian had committed suicide but I never fully knew why and this film just shows everything as it was. The film is just so raw and to the point, there is a real insight into what it was like to be him and be in Joy Division as they became one of the biggest bands around at that time. It’s all filmed in black and white and it is a moving and emotional story and even though it is a tragic ending full of his life’s struggles throughout it is a film I enjoyed because his story and character was portrayed so well by Riley. It was released a few years ago now but if you haven’t seen it before go buy it on DVD and watch, you don’t have to be a Joy Division fan to appreciate how good a film it is. It’s got a brilliant soundtrack featuring Joy Division [obviously], Bowie, Kraftwerk and New Order.

With that in mind I’ve obviously been rediscovering my love for Joy Division and I think knowing more about the band now has helped me understand Curtis’ lyrics even more. I’ve also been listening to a lot of The Cure this week and the new album by Everything Everything ‘Arc’ which is brilliant, expect a review in a couple of days on here. Anyway I will leave you with some Joy Division:


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