Album Review: Everything Everything – Arc.

Everything Everything.
Sony RCA.

It’s only 2 weeks into 2013 and already an album bound to be featured in the ‘Top 20/50 albums of the year’ lists has just been released into the world in the form of ‘Arc’. Everything Everything’s second album is definitely a step up from 2010’s ‘Man Alive’, an album which charted in the Top 20 despite it’s completely different sound to pretty much everything else in the chart at the time. Opening proceedings with first single ‘Cough, Cough’, a song that sounds a bit all over the place in the best way possible with rushed vocals and disjointed synths. New single, ‘Kemosabe’ follows with a vocal and musical build up to a chorus that has festival favourite for 2013 written all over it. Musically the band has created a multitude of different sounds from dreamy synths to pounding drums and fast guitars with strings making an appearance on ‘Duet’. In terms of vocals, lead singer/guitarist Jonathan Higgs has everything covered from quick, frantic words to lines delivered in his high falsetto, all of which adding an extra dimension to the music. ‘Choice Mountain’ is a slow, laid back track building up to the atmospheric sounds of the chorus, ‘The House Is Dust’ is quite a beautiful moment of complete calm with the vocals taking centre stage and being left to stand almost alone with just bits of drums and piano in the background. This is a more grown up effort, it’s an album that just flows with all the songs sitting well together, it’s the first, and definitely won’t be the last, indie pop album of 2013 but this one is definitely a brilliant one.


album cover picture.


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