saturday mash up #8

Jumper – Dorothy Perkins/Shirt and Jeans – Topshop.

After being snowed in most of the past couple of weeks, I finally ventured into town the other day to get some bits and pieces. Mainly it was nice to just get out of the house, there is so much staring at four walls you can do. I managed to get the new Everything Everything album and Oberhofer’s album while I was out too, I’ve been wanting to get hold of Oberhofer’s album for months now and it was in HMV’s Blue Cross sale too.

The best things I’ve bought this week though have all been online.

Occident Triangle Collar Pins – £2/Skeleton Bracelet – £2/Birds Nest Ring – £1

I read Cherry’s blog post the other day about Ever Ours jewellery and the collar tips she had gotten from there. I had a look on the site and found these three items above that I really liked and at £5 for all 3 of them [I know, total bargain!] I bought them straight away. Quick delivery, amazing products and all ridiculously cheap. This is why blogging is so brilliant because if it wasn’t for other blogs I probably would never have heard of Ever Ours or a multitude of amazing finds on the internet.

Fox Face Leggings – £10/Sparkle and Fade Silver and Black Lace Shorts – £20/Metallic Gold Lace Up Shoes – £20

I love Urban Outfitters clothing but I feel like it is way too expensive the majority of the time. The only time I ever buy something from them is in their sales mainly because it’s the only time I can afford the stuff I like. For example these shorts were meant to be £45, I know it’s quality but that really is a bit steep in price for me. However, 3 items all of which I needed for £50 meant that I qualified for free delivery! Even better for me, it took a while to get here although the weather’s not been the best for the post but all the items are amazing. The leggings I’m particularly impressed with though. I’m pretty tall and usually if I don’t buy long or tall leggings specifically they are way too short on me leaving a lot of ankle on show, these however are not long or tall and yet are long enough for me and fit amazingly well. Really happy with that, I wish more companies would take notice of different heights by either making their existing leg lengths a little longer or adding a selection of leg lengths for however tall you are.


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