saturday mash up #9

If you follow me on Instagram then you will know that I baked a cake today, above is the finished and decorated cake. I must admit I feel like I am getting better at baking and it is something I really do enjoy doing a lot, much like cooking. It definitely does seem like I have inherited the baking and cooking genes from my mum and grandma’s side of the family. This is a chocolate sponge bunt cake with normal buttercream icing and chocolate honeycomb and chocolate orange fudge pieces on top.

Bar baking I’ve been watching the six nations today, Wales lost which was definitely not a good start to the tournament for me but things can only get better and they played ‘My Number’ by Foals at the end credits of the coverage which cheered me up somewhat.

My love for The Maccabees is seriously starting to take over my life and I’m not sure my bank account appreciates it but I certainly appreciate my new purchases. I bought the t-shirt last Saturday and it was here for Monday and my 7 inch copy of ‘Ayla’ arrived this morning. The phone case I bought about a month ago from ebay and I love it, it was more expensive than most phone cases but it’s so amazing and who doesn’t want their favourite band gracing their phone.

Topshop Parka / New Look Stripe Jeans / Topshop Embellished Shirt / Office Shoes / Zara Shopper Bag / Dorothy Perkins Ring

I thought I’d create another little outfit wishlist picture this week as I was a little bored midweek. The jeans really are something I am desperate to own, they are absolutely amazing! Not only do vertical stripe jeans look cool though but they are meant to make your legs appear thinner which is a double win for this product in my books. This outfit is very me though I must admit, I know for a fact that I have grown up a lot when it comes to the clothes I wear now. I still love colour and pattern but the things I wear seem much more grown up than they did before. Let me know what you think of this outfit? And how do you feel about striped jeans, is it a yes or a no?

Ending with a song that I’ve been listening to a lot this week. Biffy Clyro released their new album this week and it really is a brilliant double album. Also, if you missed it earlier in the week here is my review of ‘Opposites’.


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