Illamasqua Nail Varnish Review – ‘Kink’

Illamasqua is fast becoming a brand I can rely on and that I know has some quality products within it’s range. I reviewed their lipstick ‘Howl’ last month giving it a really good review as I really loved it. They still had their sale on a couple of weekends ago and had extra reductions before the sale ended and everything went back up to full price. I had a little look to see if there was anything I was wanting and I settled for a new nail varnish. This is a colour I love but don’t currently own and after reading a couple of reviews of their nail varnishes saying they were really good I decided to purchase this one.

Two days later the nail varnish turned up at my door which personally I think is pretty good delivery times as with a lot of companies you can be waiting nearly a week or longer for your items to show up. The nail varnish was £5 down from £13.50 they usually are, normal price I think is really expensive for a nail varnish and I don’t think I would have bought it for that much. £5 is a bit more reasonable a price but still more than I would usually pay for a nail varnish.

Before I talk about the nail varnish itself I’d just like to say that the packaging of Illamasqua products really is amazing, it looks really sleek and I love the shapes of the nail varnish bottles and lipstick containers. Now the nail varnish, it went on really easily and needed 2 coats as most do to make the colour really stand out to the dark green it should be. It dries really quickly, a lot quicker than any other nail varnish I have ever used before so it would be perfect for painting your nails just before leaving for a night out or something. I’ve had the nail varnish on for 3-4 days now before it chipped and they were only very tiny chips on a couple of my nails which is amazing as usually by now all my nails would have chipped a lot.

I really do think that this is a brilliant product, it lasts, has an amazing colour and dries fast. For £5 it is definitely worth all of that money that you pay for it but for £13.50 I’m not so sure, I do think that is a little too expensive for one product. I would definitely buy another one and I do fully recommend it, I just think the price needs to be lowered a bit for me personally.



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