albums to look forward to in 2013.

I’ve done a couple of these posts before where I look at some of the albums I’m looking forward to this year. 2013 is year jam packed with releases to look forward to for me and there is plenty of new music with debuts from some promising new acts and new studio albums from plenty of bands set to really make their mark on this year.

The debuts

Birmingham quartet PEACE have already caused quite a stir throughout the music press and online with their brilliant EP that they released last year. The four songs on the ‘Delicious’ EP caught people’s attention and threw the band into the spotlight with them being championed by Radio 1 and NME among others. The band are set to release their debut album ‘In Love’ on 25th March. The band have been compared to acts such as The Maccabees, Foals and Vampire Weekend. They’re a band that are using the sounds of years gone by and remaking them for 2013 and they succeed so well in doing this. With brilliant live reviews and plenty of excitement for their debut it seems like this album is just going to cement the band’s place in the indie music scene.

25th February is a date which is looked forward to by many music fans as that is the day that Palma Violets debut ‘180’ will be released to the world. Their latest single ‘Step Up For The Cool Cats’ was the hottest record on Zane Lowe’s radio show last month and so far the band have received plenty of good press with reviews praising their live show. The London quartet’s first single ‘Best of Friends’ was voted NME’s song of 2012 and they were nominated for the BBC Sound of 2013 award as well. With a massive online fan base behind them this should be a good year for Palma Violets.

The debut album from Theme Park is due for release on 25th February and it is definitely something to look forward to. I saw the band last year at Leeds Festival and their danceable indie pop songs were the perfect soundtrack to the summer. Having created a solid fan base online and through playing festival sets last summer it’s surely an album that is well anticipated. The band’s new single ‘Tonight’ was produced by Ed Macfarlane from Friendly Fires and the rest of the album was produced Luke Smith, who’s produced albums for Foals and The Maccabees, definitely going to have some songs on there that will be the soundtracks to your summer.

The debut I’m most looking forward to though is from Bastille, I’ve been a fan of this band for such a long time now that it seems like the debut is finally here but really it’s not been that long a wait. The band are receiving praise from everywhere, the internet, magazines and the radio. They were on Radio 1’s Live Lounge the other week and they’ve been used on adverts for 2 ITV shows, that’s pretty good going to say their 1st album hasn’t even dropped yet. I pre-ordered my copy of this album late last year so I’m excited about it to finally arrive on March 4th, I think if you don’t already know about this band now then you will do by the end of the year for sure.

The Follow-Up’s

The album I am most excited about being released this year though is the third album from Foals. Holy Fire is set to be released on 11th February, which is 5 whole days away and I am counting down the days until my album box set arrives. ‘Inhaler’ was released last year and as I said then it has one of the best guitar riffs of the modern age going on, ‘My Number’ is a funky, poppy, danceable song and even though it’s completely different to ‘Inhaler’ both are utterly brilliant. I’ve heard ‘Moon’ from the album once and that is just an utterly beautiful song and I’m just so excited to hear all of it. Foals consistently release brilliant music with their own unique sound and although a lot of bands have tried to copy it no one does it better than them. When I was talking about them being added to the Reading and Leeds bill the other day I said that this is going to be the year for Foals and I truly believe that it is, they are one of the best bands I have ever seen live so I can’t see why this year won’t be their’s.

New York’s finest The Strokes are set to release their fifth studio album this year and as usual with The Strokes it is highly anticipated. The free download ‘One Way Trigger’ was greeted with mixed reactions from fans and the press alike. It’s a quick turn around from last album ‘Angles’ to this one being released as well and whether that is a good thing or not remains to be seen as of yet. ‘Comedown Machine’ is set to be released on 25th March and is sure to be one of the most highly anticipated albums of the year from one of the finest pioneers of indie rock, whether it is a success or a failure in the eyes of the press and fans is something we will discover in time but until then lasts just be content and happy with the fact that we haven’t had to wait as long for this album as we did the last one.
Sheffield’s Bring Me The Horizon have gone from one of the most hated bands in metal music to one of the most loved and respected over the past few years, they still have their critics yes but mainly they have silenced them with their last two albums 2008’s ‘Suicide Season’ and 2010’s ‘There Is A Hell…’ both of which earning the band fans and critically acclaimed reviews. The first single to be taken from ‘Sempiternal’ is ‘Shadow Moses’ which is an utterly brilliant song showcasing the best of Bring Me The Horizon, their influences and everything they have learnt over their career to date, the song’s first play on the radio was met with plenty of praise. The new album will be released on April 29th and yet again it will be a moment for people to scrutinise BMTH for some but if the last two absolutely brilliant albums are anything to go by then this will be another success and another reason to silence anyone still doubting the band’s talent.

Already released but still worthy of a mention

I know we are only in February and there are many more albums to be released but these two albums are both contenders on my Top 10 albums of the year list already. Biffy Clyro‘s double album is a prime example of exactly how brilliant a band can be when they hit a peak creatively with every single song on that album fully deserving it’s place on either CD, you can read my review of the album here. Also, Everything Everything‘s second album was one of the first to be released this year and it sold well in the dull month of January with it’s festival anthem in the making ‘Kemosabe’ and the more grown up and evolved sound of the band, here is my review of the album.

I know I say this every year but I really think this year is going to be a brilliant one for music, there is so much to look forward to with so many exciting new additions to the world of music as well, I think 2013 is going to be a good year for discovering lots of new bands and rediscovering older ones.


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