saturday mash up #10

Vintage Dress, Belt from eBay

I sorted out my clothes a little bit this week and I refound this dress, it’s something that I used to wear a hell of a lot and I’m glad I have found it to wear it again. It’s just such an effortless outfit and it’s so comfortable, a belt, some bright coloured tights, boots or brogues and it’s a simple outfit but it still looks good. It was pretty cheap from a vintage shop but I definitely think that it was one of the best clothing purchases I have ever made.

I went on a bit of a massive Boots haul this week, I was in massive need of some new stuff. All this came to just over £26 which is so cheap for all this. They have some amazing offers on there at the moment, 3 for 2 on all Rimmel products which is obviously a brilliant offer and then buy one get one half price on all cotton pads and similar products. Plus, I had some Boots vouchers for money of haircare products so I made some mega savings.

I see this product as a future investment and that may sound stupid when talking about a hairbrush but trust me it isn’t. I thought it was about time that I upgraded from my usual cheap and doesn’t last very long product to a better one. Here is where Denman comes into the equation, at just under £8 it’s expensive [in hairbrush terms anyway] however I know this will last for years to come. Proof comes from my grandma who always used Denman hairbrushes although she used the ones with sharp teeth that were ridiculously painful as I well know from my childhood. That being said that hairbrush lasted well over 20 years and was still in perfect condition. This has better teeth and is a large paddle brush and hopefully it will manage to tame my hair and make it look somewhat presentable.

After months of pretty lifeless and quite dull hair I’ve decided it’s about time that I changed my shampoo. After a night of reading up about loads of different brands from blog post reviews to product reviews on Boots website I settled on this one, Aussie Mega Shampoo and Condtioner. Apparently it will stop product build up which I’m sure is the issue with my hair at the moment, Herbal Essences are just not as good as they used to be in my opinion, and will bring back bounce and shine to dull, lifeless hair. All reviews I’ve read have been good mainly from people with hair like mine, thick and normal, so I’m excited to give it a try and see how well it works for me.

I was going to post about some new clothing purchases on here but I thought I’d leave that for a post later in the week. I just want to mention a couple of music related things to round up though. One as you know if you’ve read my blog at all this week then Foals new album ‘Holy Fire’ was released this week, it’s absolutely brilliant and you can read my review here.

Also, Rough Trade and The Guardian have teamed up for a subscription service where you get sent 6 songs handpicked by them stright to your inbox every week. If you signed up before last Thursday you got the first month free, it costs £2.99 every week for the songs though which is pretty good value really. I recieved my first lot of songs this week and all 6 are brilliant, all different but all really good. The song I’m really loving the most though is Pale Green Ghosts by John Grant, so this is going to be my song of the week for you all. Have a listen and I hope you enjoy!


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