music update #14

PEACE released their album artwork [see above] to the world last week, coincidently for an album titled ‘In Love’ they released their album artwork on Valentine’s Day. The band have worked on their debut album with Jim Abiss and is due to be released on 25th March. The band also announced a long UK tour set for April ending with 4 dates in London. I’ll be going to the Sheffield date I bought my ticket first thing Friday morning and I am very excited to see these guys as I really do love their music. For more details on the band, album and their tour visit their website.

It was announced last week that Adele was the biggest selling music export from the UK again last year for the 2nd year running. No surprise really with an album as popular as 21. She sold 10 million records overseas in 2012. She has also started work on the follow up to ’21’ although she has admitted it’s a slow process at the moment as she feels quite out of the loop musically.

It is the BRIT Awards this week, the highlight of British music industry calendar especially if you are a pop act. With performances coming from the likes of Taylor Swift, Robbie Williams, Muse, Ben Howard, Justin Timberlake and more. But are you going to be watching it? Really I’m only bothered about seeing who wins and Muse’s performance, it’s pretty uninteresting for me otherwise. Also, who do you think will win the awards? I posted my own predictions a bit ago on this blog so we shall see who does indeed win and if I’m right or not and expect a full round up on here in the week.

Congratulations to Foals on their Number 2 album. Their new release ‘Holy Fire’ was pipped to the top spot by just a 1000 copies at the last minute as they spent the most of last week in the top spot. It’s a massive shame that they didn’t claim the top spot, it would have been brilliant for them and guitar music especially but Number 2 is nothing to be sniffed at these days. Obviously I’ve gone on about this album a lot this week and hopefully that hasn’t annoyed you but I’m a massive believer in spending my time talking about and promoting bands and music that I really believe in so this news is pretty amazing.

The Strokes previewed their new track ‘All The Time’ on Zane Lowe’s Radio 1 show on Wednesday night. The song received a much better than last new played song ‘One Way Trigger’, I think the last song especially for me was a bit of a grower and not so immediate in terms of how you feel about it, I still don’t fully love it but I don’t hate that one either. Whereas this new song I really like a lot, I think it’s a lot more immediate and a lot more The Strokes. The song will be released tomorrow and here it is for you to listen to.


PEACE Album Artwork.
Adele picture.
Foals picture.
The Strokes picture.

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