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I was emailed a while ago by record label Never Trust An Asshole to review some of their band’s releases on this blog. Admittedly it’s taken me a hell of a lot longer to write this post than it normally would but finally it is here. Before I start all acts reviewed are worth a listen and if you do like what you here all the vinyl’s, CD’s and merch from all bands is ridiculously cheap so it will not break the bank to purchase something from them too which is always a bonus.

Kollapse – “Kollapse”

Described as: punk/hardcore/crust/doom from Denmark (for fans of Unsane, Breach, Refused, Modern Life Is War, Rise and Fall)
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A dark grunge sounding opening to the LP with crackly and old school guitar. An album full of fast guitars and drums and screaming sometime quite demonic sounding vocals. There is definitely an essence of early days Alkaline Trio that can be heard within the music here. ‘Man Machine’ has heavy sounds with sludgy bass whereas there is slow build up into fast guitars and screaming vocals on ‘Liberate’. Musically ‘Kollapse’ is a strong album full of heavy metal sounds with a punk edge found in the lyrics and some of the guitar sounds.

The Helltons – “Nowhere on the Map”

Described as: old school pop punk (for fans of Teenage Bottlerocket, Screeching Weasel, Dear Landlord, The Queers)
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Here is a band who’s punk/pop punk sound is clearly reminiscent of very old school blink-182 with quick songs, fast drums and guitars. They are short bursts of energetic songs like it was back in the pop punk heyday of the late 90’s and early 00’s. The lyrics along similar vein to the songs of those bands back then too: love, rejection, not fitting in etc.The choruses are full of repetition and make them that little bit more catchy, a good example of this is 3rd track ‘Kids Are Not On Time’. It’s a pretty good and solid 12 track second album from The Helltons. If you want a new band to add to your iTunes that sounds like pop punk of days gone by then this is your band, it will definitely take you back to your teenage years.

Nowadayz – “The Will is still for Free”

Described as: melodic hardcore / punkrock (for fans of Propagandhi, Belvedere, Antillectual)
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The EP opens with ‘On Ferme, Revenez Demain’, a track that features a good guitar melody and shouted gang vocals. This is punk rock that will get you dancing with it’s melodies and guitar hooks. They’ve created short fast tempo songs, the fast drum playing sets the tone across the EP. The vocals are more shouted/spoken than sung in such a way of desperation getting the lyrics point across to the listener. Some of the lyrics seem quite angry and resentful, like a massive fuck you to a person/people in particular. The middle of the album sees a talking lecture excerpt [or wherever it is from] about the consumerism of society, a subject very prevalent in the world of modern punk rock music. ‘Where Words Have More Taste’ contains screaming vocals adding that extra bit of urgency making you listen to the lyrics of the song even more. A pretty good modern punk rock album.

Not My Hero – “Not My Hero”

Described as: modern hardcore (for fans of Verse, early Comeback Kid, Have Heart)
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Screaming vocals greet you from the off with this EP. 2nd track ‘Amnesia’ has a fast tempo with quick drum playing, this is the type of track that is bound to start a mosh pit at a live gig. Heavy chugging guitars and angry lyrical themes are prevalent on this record, it’s the perfect album if you are in a bad mood. The opening line of ‘Dead Heroes’: ‘Ever since I was a little child, you’ve lied to me!’ is resentful, full of some sort of hurt and emotion that has become the inspiration behind this fast, heavy hardcore song. The mid song breakdown on ‘My Gucci Eyes’ is the only real moment of calm on the album before building back up and ending.

Jellywatch – “Jellywatch”

Described as: punkrock (for fans of Zabriskie Point, NOFX, Pennywise)
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Kicking off with a bass solo start, this is a very punk sounding EP with fast guitars and music full of attitude. All the lyrics are in French so it’s difficult to make out lyrical themes but you can hear the influence of bands such as NOFX and Pennywise in these songs. These are short songs with raw vocals, it’s short and repetitive music with heavy sludgy guitar and bass sounds. There is a very old school early 2000’s punk rock sound to it and there is also a cover of ‘Seeing Red’ by Minor Threat thrown in there too.


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