the second half of LFW A/W 13/14.

The first LFW of 2013 has finished and we have all seen what the designers have to offer us for A/W this year. There have been some amazing and inspiring shows but there has also been a lot of disappointing efforts as well for me anyway. I did a round up of the first half of the week a couple of days ago and now here for you is my round up of the second half of the week.

Matthew Williamson

The yellow suit, the zig zag striped dress and the floral two piece are quite simply the fashion choices for next season of the professional but fashionable woman. Some really good tailoring and nice skirt lengths add to the smart look achieved from the colour schemes and patterns going on here.

Paul Smith

Purples, reds and teals, some wonderful and bright block colours to add some interest to A/W 13/14. The tailoring is utterly brilliant not only on the trousers and the jackets but on the cut and style of the dress. There is a lot about these outfits that I love and I think all pieces are very easily wearable whether for a smart occasion or for a casual outfit.

Christopher Kane

This collection is full of amazing textures, it’s a very tactile and 3D collection with fabric flowers and applique. The camouflage kilts and velvet dresses are miles apart in terms of design but sit well together here.

Louise Gray

Something a little bit different from most of the other collections which have been sticking to rigid colour schemes with blacks, greys, blues, maroons and nudes. Here though is bright colours and lots of pattern with clashing colours a plenty. The slogan motifs and inflatable jewellery look brilliant, creating a great opulence throughout the entire collection.

Meadham Kirchoff

I absolutely love this collection, I just think everything about it is so amazing! Meadham Kirchoff usually have quirky and quite brilliant collections but this is just so much of a step up from previous collections. The monochrome palette of white, black and grey is so simple yet effective for the designs. Plenty of collars and the mix of leather and wool, girly and masculine, everything is contradicted. The Victorian influence is rife throughout especially with the frilly apron style sewn onto the front off the dress in the 2nd picture. There are dark clothing and themes going on here meeting pretty and girly styles and designs and I just love everything about this, favourite collection by far.

Tata Naka

Amazing, bright, slightly cartoonish prints. There is a 50’s and 60’s inspiration with the geometric patterns and incandescent colours. However, in the collection to is a nod to ice cream pastels and sharp, tailored suits as well. Everything you need colour and quirky pattern wise you can find here.


Matthew Williamson pictures.
Paul Smith pictures.
Christopher Kane pictures.
Louise Gray pictures.
Meadham Kirchoff pictures.
Tata Naka pictures.


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