new pieces.

As I should be moving house at some point this year [hopefully sooner rather than later] it’s given me a massive opportunity to sort out everything I own from clothes to books, cd’s to the ridiculous amount of vases and candle holders I’ve somehow accumulated over the years. I’ve pretty much sorted through everything now and it’s either being binned or sold on my ebay store which will be regularly updated with stuff until everything is gone so please have a look on there! That being said I have made some new purchases recently to fill in the gaps in my wardrobe so here is a little round up of what I have been buying recently.

Striped Blazer – £10. Tesco.

I love blazers, I think they instantly pull an entire outfit together. I already own two but I couldn’t resist this one and it was in the sale so a nice little saving for me. Usually with blazers as with coats I get one or two sizes bigger than I am so fit layers underneath and for comfort but this one is my actual size and is still has plenty of room. Navy and maroon stripes will see me through a hell of a lot of seasons as well.

Moda Purple Studded Bag – £24.99. eBay.

I’m not going to lie I probably didn’t need to buy this bag because I own way too many but it was too pretty to not buy. I spied it on eBay a few weeks ago and only bought it last week after much ‘do I really need it’ deliberation. I’m glad I bought it though as it’s huge, I really can fit so much stuff in there, the lining is amazing too. It’s a really lovely colour, you could buy the same one in loads of different colours or without studs but I think the studs just make it look a lot more interesting. It has a long detachable strap with it, which I prefer as I prefer to carry my bag on my shoulder. £25 is a bargain for a bag like this I think and in a range of colours and styles there is definitely a bag on their ebay store for everyone.

Joy Division shirt – £10.50. eBay.

I’ve been wanting a Joy Division t-shirt for a long time. I could easily have just bought the official band t-shirt but I found this one on eBay that was originally from Urban Outfitters and I knew that this was the one I wanted. I know the whole should the high street be selling band shirts thing is a big talking point for some and personally I don’t have that much of an issue with it but I just don’t think people should be wearing band shirts if they don’t actually like or know any of the songs of that band, that’s just my opinion though. Moving on this is a shirt I really love with the slightly distressed look of it and the iconic Joy Division logo. eBay is definitely the saviour for finding items that you can’t seem to find anywhere else on the internet.

Amethyst Ring – £30.

So I’ve always wanted a ring like this, either with a black or purple stone in the middle but it’s something that I have always wanted. I’ve seen so many with price tags ranging from the not too bad to the ‘I’m never going to be able to afford this without taking out a loan’. I saw this one the other day in a little jewellery store in Sheffield, my mum went in to get a ring fixed so while I was waiting I spotted this. I asked how much it was expecting an answer in the hundreds and when he said £30 I got a little bit too overexcited. It’s a silver band with an amethyst stone and it fitted me perfectly without having to be resized or anything so I am one happy girl, I finally have the ring I’ve always wanted at a price I can actually afford.

Bunting necklace – £1. Earrings – £1. Spike necklace – £7. All from Ever Ours.

Ever Ours are perfect for jewellery, I bought a few pieces a couple of weeks ago and decided while there was still a sale on to get a few more pieces. My jewellery collection is massively overlooked, I have awful pieces [now gotten rid of], amazing pieces that I never wear and then the stuff I wear all the time. So out with the old in with the new and hopefully new pieces will encourage me to step away from the normal pieces I wear all the time and wear something different. £1 for a necklace and a pair of earrings is just so ridiculously cheap I couldn’t pass those up and £7 for the spiked necklace which would easy be around £20 in Topshop and no less than around £10-15 anywhere else on the high street is amazing. All the jewellery from Ever Ours is of brilliant quality and their delivery times are really quick as well, I fully recommend them.


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