saturday mash up #11

It’s been a couple of weeks since I wrote one of these, I’m not sure why I’ve not been keeping up with these posts really but here it is back again this week.

Top from Forever 21. Skirt – Molly Rouge.

I went to see Olly Murs in Sheffield last night and this is the outfit that I wore for it. It was the 2nd time I’ve seen Olly Murs and he really is amazing live. It’s a ridiculously long set but he is good live. I didn’t listen to him until well after X Factor but with how good his voice and songs are I sometimes forget that he was even on the show. It was a really good night and yet again his live show was completely brilliant.

daytime 2

Another daytime outfit that I made on Polyvore this week. I’m really loving using Polyvore for outfit and fashion inspiration, I think it is an amazing tool for that. It’s a pretty simple outfit and it is definitely something that I would wear for shopping or lunch etc. Do any of you use Polyvore? If so, why?

My copy of Bastille’s debut album arrived today, I pre-ordered a signed copy off of the band’s website and I’m so glad it’s arrived early. I really can’t wait to listen to it! I feel like I’ve been waiting such a long time for this album to finally come out and now it’s here I’m ridiculously happy. I’ll get a review of the album up on here at some point throughout next week, until then though I definitely recommend you buy the album on Monday.

My track of the week this week is from Bastille, it’s their newest single ‘Pompeii’ which was released on Monday and on Wednesday was number 2 in the chart only 2000 copies behind Justin Timberlake. I’m really hoping that they manage to get a number 1 that would be so amazing for them. Here is the absolutely wonderful ‘Pompeii’ for you all to listen to:


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