World Book Day 2013.

It’s World Book Day tomorrow, March 7th, a chance for us to really celebrate books, reading and literature. I love reading and books, I always have done and I know that I always will do. I spent the majority of my childhood reading books and I’ve spent the majority of my adult life so far reading books. My favourite thing about reading books is experiencing new worlds and reading about these fictional peoples life’s in such a way that it makes you feel like you have been invited in by that character to experience everything with them. It might sound weird to some people but the books I enjoy reading the most are the books I can get lost in with characters I love and can relate to.

My favourite genre of book has got to be crime, thrillers, detective stories and spy novels. I find the whole world of it so interesting which probably explains my love of Sherlock Holmes and Criminal Minds as well. When it comes to authors John Le Carre [Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and The Constant Gardener] and Margaret Atwood [The Handmaid’s Tale] are my favourites, the first a spy/crime writer and the second a story writer while also highlighting the big issues such as religion, feminism etc. I read The Handmaid’s Tale in sixth form alongside George Orwell’s 1984 and wrote an essay on the portrayal of women as second class citizens in both books. It was probably one of my favourite essays to write because, being a little bit of a feminist myself, it interested me greatly.

But reading doesn’t just have to be about the big issues and writing essays for classes, it’s for enjoyment, for an escape. There is nothing better to me than sitting down with a good book, I’d rather that than watch a film or play video games.

A lot of people have stopped reading actual paper books but really I don’t think that has cut down on the amount of people that are reading because they have just moved to electronic book readers. Which is sad that they are not reading an actual book printed on paper but however people are reading it is just good that they are and haven’t just stopped. Children as well need to read it’s so important for them not just to improve their reading, writing, spelling and grammar but to help with their imaginations and creativity. Children’s books are the perfect places where a child can really use their imagination to create pictures in their head of what is happening in the book.

So this World Book Day lets take a moment to celebrate the great authors and great books and also the genres and stories we know and love whether they are classics or lesser known ones. I think in a time such as now where there is a lot of bad and despair in the world being able to escape to a happier or different world even if it’s just for 10 minutes is quite nice.

Also lets take some time out, even if it is only 5 minutes, to read a book or buy a new book whether an electronic version or one on paper and reignite our love for reading, these stories and celebrate the written word.

How do you feel about reading and books? Who are you favourite authors and what are your favourite books?


Book picture.


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