some new music purchases.

So far for 2013 there has been some brilliant music released and that obviously means that I have been making a lot of music purchases. As I said in my post the other week I’m now on a spending ban so money for spending on music is less which means more time for me spent on Spotify listening to new music until I have funds to cough up for the actual album. Anyway, here is a round up of my new purchases from the past month or so.

‘Latchmere’ by The Maccabees

My weakness for cheap vinyl purchases on eBay is the main drain on my bank account. This is one of the latest purchases I made. I could not resist this 7″ of ‘Latchmere’ for only a few pounds. An amazing early single from one of my favourite bands, thank god for eBay when it comes to vinyl at times.

My mega package arrival day brought all this wonderful music to me. Both of Joy Division‘s albums ‘Unknown Pleasures’ and ‘Closer’, after watching ‘Control’ a couple of months ago it completely made me refind my love for the band so it was definitely about time I bought both of these albums, both brilliant albums as well. Another The Maccabees vinyl ‘Feel To Follow’, I now have two of the singles from ‘Given To The Wild’ on vinyl and I definitely plan on getting the other two, not only are they amazing songs but the artwork is just so visually brilliant that I know I have to have the entire collection. The other vinyl is from Thumpers, their debut single ‘Dancing’s Done’ it is a limited edition vinyl as well. A brilliant song and if you haven’t already then go and download it.

My ‘Holy Fire’ box set from Foals arrived last month and honestly it is one of the most amazing things I have ever spent my money on. The limited edition set includes: 12″ vinyl of the album, CD, documentary DVD, 7″ single of ‘My Number’ and exclusive prints and handwritten lyrics. It is all so beautiful, well packaged and I love the artwork of the album and the singles. It was around £35 for the box set but in my eyes it is money well spent, I am forever being drawn in my limited edition vinyl releases of singles and albums by my favourite bands but when they arrive with as much stuff as these and having such amazing artwork it really is value for money.

‘Pompeii’ by Bastille

I wrote a while ago about the singles collection of Bastille’s where you buy all the singles on vinyl all with quite similar artwork as above just different coloured lettering for different singles and obviously different single names. For the singles club you also get a little blue sleeve to put all of your 7″ singles from the band in, it’s actually a really cool idea and a good way to get people to collect vinyl. They have released 4 singles so far all of which I have, as they have quite a few singles now all the singles can be bought with the sleeve in a pack and it is actually pretty cheap, if you are a fan of Bastille it is definitely a good investment.

‘Bad Blood’ by Bastille

The absolutely amazing album from Bastille was released just over a week ago reaching number 1 in the album charts. I ordered the signed copy from the band’s website, although there is also an extended cut which can only be gotten from iTunes so I am definitely planning on getting the extra tracks from there soon. If you haven’t already got the album and are planning on getting it you may as well get the extended copy from iTunes as it is only around £2 more expensive than the normal version and has 11 more tracks on it including new songs, live tracks and all the bands videos to date as well.


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