tracks of the week #2

My second tracks of the week, all brand new stuff this week and by that I mean either just been released this week or brand new to me and more than worthy of a place on this blog. There is a good mix of everything on here this week I think so there is definitely something for everyone. Enjoy listening!

James Blake – Retrograde

It’s a really beautiful song with plenty of layers of sound running throughout the song from the slow, intermittent sound running underneath the opening verse to layers of hums, claps and sounds which build up and up to create a noisier chorus. The vocals as well sound quite sad and really through all the sounds they manage to stand alone and really make an impact.

The Sunset Strip Club – Einstein’s Theory

Twitter is a very useful tool for finding out about new bands and after checking their songs out on Soundcloud I was definitely impressed with what I heard. Immediately brought in with crashing drums and guitars before quietening down a little for the verses. The chorus is big and full of some great melody, definitely one to have a dance to.

Imagine Dragons – Amsterdam

I only really started listening to this band and this week and I’m disappointed it has taken me so long to find them. A steady build up, a strong bass line, a great guitar melody and a strong chorus, it has everything you want from a indie tune as well as being damn catchy.

Valentiine – Love Like

I found these from reading an article on the Guardian’s website about Australian bands, these are a female grunge band from Melbourne. Obvious comparisons to Hole could be made but I never liked Hole but I like this song a lot. Heavy, chugging guitars and grungey vocals with a really good breakdown mid song before kicking back into screaming vocals. If you are missing the grunge era and want to relive it with a new band which is really good then these girls are the ones for you.

AlunaGeorge – Attracting Flies [Baauer Remix]

The remix that had everyone talking last weekend and for good reason as it is completely brilliant. The vocal and synth build up into the chorus is ridiculously good. AlunaGeorge are already making a name for themselves with their mix of R’n’B, house and bass, after a top 40 hit from their collaboration with Disclosure, some really good songs and brilliant remixes such as this one they are bound to be a mainstay and highlight of 2013.

Finally, as it is April on Monday instead of sticking my March playlist in then I’m going to do it here while it is still March. Again, new music, older music, stuff I have been listening to this month. Let me know what you think and what you have been loving this March.

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