saturday mash up #13

I haven’t done one of these posts in a couple of weeks, I was meant to see Biffy Clyro last Saturday but being snowed in stopped that happening which I was majorly disappointed about as I was so excited to see them. After a couple of weeks of bits and bobs building up to blog about I thought it best to just put it all into one slightly longer post for you all. Expect some sort beauty reviews of some new purchases further down in the post as well.

Joy Division T-shirt from eBay, Skirt from Topshop.

Shirt from Primark, Skirt from Topshop, Necklace from Ever Ours.

The above outfit posts were taken a lot earlier in March hence a bit of actual sun and not grey skies like there has been a lot of lately. The skirt from Topshop is a purchase I’m so glad I made, after wanting one for ages it’s taken a staple place in my wardrobe being one of the key components of many outfits I’ve been wearing recently. I’m hoping sun and some warmth rolls round a bit quicker because I’m desperate to break out all the skirts, shorts, vests and summer dresses I have but it is just way too cold to wear anything other than jeans and jumpers at the moment.

So after a major clear out over the past month or so I thought it was about time I really sorted my make up out. I know what I like in terms of make up and tend to always stick to the same and although I’m not going really far by going to far out of my comfort zone I thought it would be good to try new brands and new lip colours. Being blonde and quite pale it can be hard to find lip colours that suit me really well but I think I have found some really good ones.

SuperShock Gel Eyeliner from Avon

I bought this mainly because it was cheap and I’m a massive fan of eyeliner, I barely ever leave the house without it on, it is my make up staple. I’ve been wearing it all day today and I’m ridiculously impressed with it! I usually wear the Collection 2000 Extreme Felt Tip Liner which is really good but I’ve found it’s not all that great for thin/precision lines. The SuperShock eyeliner applies brilliantly, thin or thick lines, a really intense black colour straight away instead of having to go over and over to build up the black too. My massive problem with eyeliner though is although I use primer my eyeliner still smudges and ends up looking pretty bad after a few hours. This however stays put really well, a good 6 hours later and it’s not budged, no smudges, I rubbed one of my eyes forgetting I had eyeliner on earlier and not even a tiny smudge which is pretty miraculous. I’m a massive fan of this product already, I will definitely be using this from now on.

Colour Trend Lipstix – Coral You Later from Avon

This applies really well and only have to apply once or twice to get really good coverage, although it could be a little bit thick in terms of formula for some. It’s pigmented enough to get a good colour but not so much that it stains your lips. I would recommend these lipstix’s as they are really great, you just twist the bottom to get more product when it’s run down. Although, this colour really does not suit me at all which is such a shame because the product is good, I would definitely get another one in a colour that would suit me better.

Ultra Colour Rich Lipstick – Nude and Infused/Plump Pout Lipstick – In The Pink/Ultra Colour Rich Mega Impact Lipstick – Divine Wine, all from Avon

All these apply really well and they are very nourishing and don’t dry your lips out like some lipsticks do. They all stay on really well and don’t fade all that much, may only need reapplying once or not at all during a night out/daytime wear. I wore ‘Divine Wine’ last weekend for a night out and although it faded a little in terms of the intensity of the colour the overall colour stayed on really well. All produce really good rich colours and doesn’t stain your lips when it comes to removing the lipstick at night. Avon has always been a well respected name for make up and these products do not disappoint at all, I fully recommend them all. All products were around £5-7 which is cheaper than quite a few drug store brands and all high end products and are just as good if not better in my opinion.

Mosaic Effects Top Coat Nail Enamel – Plum Infusion/Nailwear Pro – Orange Creamsicle, all from Avon

I tried the Mosaic Effects over the top of black nail varnish last week and it worked really well creating a really good nail look. The purple will go with a lot of colours but looks really effective over the top of black. It dries quickly and lasts a while before chipping. At around £6 each they are well worth the money as after reading reviews of some other brands they may be cheaper but aren’t as good.

Excuse the close up of my face, when I went out last Friday this was my make up look. Pretty standard for me, matte foundation and powder, lots of mascara and eyeliner and a strong lip – ‘Divine Wine’ shade. The shade actually looks quite good on me, I was scared it may be too dark for my complexion but I think I managed to pull it off.

Have you had any new make up purchases recently that you are loving?

Some nice little Easter themed bits and pieces to finish up today’s post. The first some really lovely and colourful flowers I saw in Tesco the other day and the second the simnel cake that I made yesterday. A simnel cake is thought to be a traditional Easter cake and it’s a lighter version of a fruit cake, the marzipan balls on top are meant to signify the disciples although I ran out of room to fit on 12. I followed Phil Vickery’s recipe after seeing it on This Morning last week, my cake doesn’t look as good as his but I think it’s a good first attempt.

Have a brilliant Easter everyone! 🙂


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