Album Review: Bring Me The Horizon – Sempiternal.

Bring Me The Horizon

The 4th album from Bring Me The Horizon has been just as anticipated a release as their last couple of albums, ever since releasing their game changing ‘Suicide Season’ back in 2008 they have become one of the most talked about UK bands in the alternative/metal scene. The album leaked around 2 months before its release this week and talks since then has been about how good a record this is.

New member Jordan Fish has his presence really felt from the very beginning of this album on first track ‘Can You Feel My Heart’ with the introduction of more synths to this record than any of the other releases. The synths mix in with the pounding drums creating a fresher take on BMTH’s trademark sound. As usual with this band the lyrics seem so personal and honest from lead singer Oli Sykes something which in my opinion has always been a strong point of their songs and this opener is no exception. Chugging guitars and screaming vocals open up ‘The House of Wolves’ and there is a brilliant musical breakdown throughout the middle eight, melodic guitar running throughout makes the song flow. There is a gentle melody running underneath the verses of recently released ‘Sleepwalking’, a track which features pretty much everything: fast guitars, sing along ‘It’s Like I’m Sleepwalking’ chorus, calm middle eight and ending on pounding drums and the faint sound of violins.

‘Go To Hell, For Heaven’s Sake’ is a really good example of how Oli’s voice has really grown in confidence and sound over the past few years. As he sings more than he screams on this album, it is clearly not a sign of them mellowing in their sound but it is nice to really hear his voice a lot more than we have before. ‘Shadow Moses’ was the first song released from the album and is Bring Me The Horizon at their very best; chugging guitars, heavy drums and screaming vocals all wrapped up with a sing along chorus.

‘Antivist’ is a really heavy and fast song with threatening sounding guitar yet it is still very melodic with some brilliant guitar work on the riffs. It sounds like a classic death metal song brought up to date for 2013. At different points on this album, additional sounds are used throughout the calmer moments which are very reminiscent or are reworking’s of things used on their last album ‘There Is A Hell…’, used on ‘Go To Hell, For Heaven’s Sake’ and on ‘Crooked Young’ there are orchestral strings from ‘It Never Ends’.

‘Hospital For Souls’ is a song so full of emotion and urgent sounding vocals, from softer sounding voice in the verses and screamed words in the chorus, Sykes’ vocals really do the lyrics he has written complete justice in portraying the pain and anguish he is trying to convey. Extra track ‘Deathbeds’ is a beautiful slow ending to the Sheffield band’s 4th album. After years of proving people wrong with their music this is yet another moment of achievement for them, they have created some really wonderful slower almost ballad type songs in the past but this is by far and away the best one they have created. A masterpiece from a band who have proved just how brilliant they really are.


Album Cover.

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