tracks of the week #5

Florence and The Machine – Howl

The urgency of the vocals, the fast pounding drums and dramatic strings creates a song so full of emotion. It’s a really intense track and for me the stand out track of her debut.

Zomby – With Love

A brilliantly ambient track with some really good but really weird sounds. It creates something quite different to most other ambient and sparse sounding music out there at the moment. A must listen.

Thumpers – Unkinder [A Tougher Love]

By far one of the best new bands around at the moment, I love their upbeat dance inspired indie pop songs. They are the perfect antidote to the miserable weather and will have you dancing around thinking it’s summer right now. This is their newest song and features some brilliant synth and drum sounds and a chorus that will have you singing along. The guys are playing quite a few festivals this summer so plenty of chance to see them and if you haven’t already definitely check these guys out.

PEACE – Float Forever

I’m going to see PEACE tonight and I am very excited about this. I’ve heard some amazing things about the band’s live shows especially so far on this tour and after releasing such a brilliant debut I think it is going to be a really amazing show. I chose this song to feature this week because I think it shows a different side to the band, a softer song on their uptempo yet grungy album.

Charming Liars – Break Away

A strong start to the track which features a brilliant bassline and a really good guitar riff. The band are creating a really good pop punk/alternative sound and are perfect for fans of bands such as You Me At Six and Kids In Glass Houses.

Also this week in something a little bit different for the blog, a mixtape from DJ Lu’e-B. So I’ve featured mixtapes before but they are mainly dance music, this one though is mainly grime music. I must admit I don’t know a hell of a lot about grime music, my musical adventures have never really taken me that far, sometimes I think that genres can be quite confusing because there are a lot of songs on this mixtape that I have heard before but never actually knew it was grime, clearly it is and I’ve definitely learnt something through listening to this. If you are more well educated than me though you will enjoy this, there are a brilliant mix of tracks, it takes a look at grime music from 2006 until now and explores the sound and changes that have occurred in those 7 years. Here is the mixtape ‘A Little Back Then Until Now’ for you all to listen to and if you want to find out the tracklisting for the mixtape then click here.


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