billy vincent – ‘and it fights’

South London duo, Billy Barrett and David Vincent, are guaranteed to be one of the smaller band’s to do really well this festival season. Together the boys are Billy Vincent and create some brilliant acoustic indie/folk songs with tuneful melodies and lyrics seeped in stories and emotion. They are the type of band that you will listen to in any place but particularly small pubs and festival fields are the places where these two will succeed to charm the public with their sound.

Having already garnered some good press attention from the likes of Q, Artrocker and The Evening Standard, their new single ‘And It Fights’ is now gaining radio play becoming a regular feature on Chris Hawkins 6 Music show. The single is a wonderful acoustic track with a hint of American rock guitar running throughout, the chorus was made is foot tappingly catchy and made to be sung along to.

The single will be released this May and the band are currently on tour around the UK with only a couple more dates left for this run but they have a couple more dates lined up for the next couple of months.

To find out more about the band visit their website, their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter – @billyvincent

Here is the band’s video for their new single ‘And It Fights’:




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