saturday mash up #15

Vintage St. Michel Shirt. Vest from Topshop. Skirt from H&M. Necklace from EverOurs.

Above is the outfit that I wore for my much needed shopping trip to Meadowhall that I had this week. As most of the high street stores in Sheffield town centre are quite small they don’t really have much stock in them. So to get certain items and avoid the really high postage charges of internet shopping Meadowhall is a much needed trip to take every couple of months or so, here are my clothing purchases from the past week:

Stripe Dungarees. Primark. £14.

I have been wanting a pair of dungarees for such a long time now, a striped pair specifically. Growing up in the 90’s dungarees remind me so much of my childhood and I still love them as an item of clothing but now not long red courdoury ones but striped dungaree shorts. These ones were pretty cheap from Primark and are really good quality, I’ve seen a few pairs exactly like this from other stores but they were at least £20 more expensive. I’ve become a fan of Primark denim at the moment it’s so cheap but really good quality and much better fit than it used to be and I know I will wear these dungarees to death.

Jumper. Topshop. £15 [sale]

T-shirt. Topshop. £10. [sale]

Topshop sales are my favourite times of the year, even if I buy nothing or I think everything in the sale is rubbish I still love rummaging through all the rails in hope of finding something amazing at a bargain price. The jumper I saw online the other day and I just love it, reminds me of a jumper from the 80’s my mum used to wear and I just love the t-shirt which is really long and could easily be worn with just leggings underneath without having an awkward fashion moment. There wasn’t loads of amazing stuff in the sale for me this time round but I got some really good savings on these two items.

Vans. Office. £25.

I bought these online the other day, again from another sale. I love Vans, they are my favourite go to casual shoe. I’d been on the lookout for another pair for a while so when I saw these in the sale with £20 off from normal price I had to buy them. They are such a beautiful colour, are amazingly comfortable and the delivery from Office was really quick.

A couple of wishlist/want items above that I have seen over the past couple of weeks. The blazer is from Topshop which I saw in Company’s weekly edit for iPhone, it’s a really nice pattern and I absolutely love boxy fit blazers at the moment. The glasses are from Primark which I saw in Company High Street Edit S/S 13, who doesn’t want some massive glittery flamingo glasses?! I saw them in Primark the other day and for only a couple of pounds I’m so tempted to buy them even though I’d probably only wear them once, they have loads of other cool huge novelty glasses/sunglasses in store as well.

Firstly, apologies for the insane close up’s of my face, honestly the one thing that put me off having more beauty/make up inspired posts on here is having to take close up’s of my face but anyway let’s move on. So this week I regressed a little bit make up wise, this amount of eyeliner is how much I used to wear ages 16 to 18 after then I sort of toned it down a bit but it always has and always will be my make up staple. I don’t think you can tell very well but I have got some very light grey eyeshadow on as well here with silvery/white in the inner corner of my eye. The eyeliner is Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil which is really good, it’s a kohl pencil eyeliner and applies really well, it’s very precise and stays in place well all day. I finished the look with Rimmel Day to Night Mascara which has become a firm favourite mascara for me, it’s nice and subtle for daytime wear and using the thicker brush for extra volume and more of an impact for night time make up looks.

Ending this week’s post with this utterly brilliant instrumental track by Brandt Brauer Frick. Taken from their new album it’s a 5 and a half minute long spectacular of sound with frantically played piano and pounding drum beats. This song and the whole album is well worth a listen from a band making some really interesting music.


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