Album Review: Inherit The Stars – We Were Made To Walk The Skies.

Inherit The Stars
We Were Made To Walk The Skies
Ambicon Records

The Steel City these days has a history not only of producing metal products but producing metal bands and good ones at that, Inherit The Stars are one of the newer metal bands to emerge from the city with their brilliant debut album ‘We Were Made To Walk The Skies’.

The album opens strongly with a synth beginning on ‘If We Fall, We’ll Fall Together’ before drums and guitar kick in. ‘Citizens of Earth’ is a lot heavier with screaming vocals and an anthemic chorus, one that is bound to become a live favourite. A spoken passage of text features in the middle and at the end of the song, something which is becoming more common with a lot of alternative UK bands at the moment, portraying the message found in their lyrics in a different way.

A slower, quieter, more melodic beginning can be found on ‘Facing The Fire’. It’s a much more down tempo track that showcases the band’s ability to not only create heavy/fast metal songs but also well crafted rock tunes. The strings used behind the guitar and drums on the middle eight add an extra dimension to the music making it sound more epic. ‘Hold Your Breath’s strong bassline creates a solid foundation for the track with some really brilliant drumming and a big chorus, full of sing a long and lose yourself in the music moments, fitting of a track that could be used to end a live set.

The synthy start to ‘Caught in the Crossfire’ is very reminiscent of the way Norwegian metal bands use synth in their tracks while still having a track that is undeniably metal. Screaming and slightly distorted vocals are used in the first verses and layered vocals in the chorus really make the lyrics stick in your ears and stand out over the pounding, quick drums and chugging guitars. ‘Through The Fallout’ is a really beautiful song that spends most of its time frantically building up to a brilliantly huge but relatively short chorus and then fades away to silence just as quickly as the chorus is over.

‘When Hearts and Worlds Collide’ Feat. Liv Puente opens with strings before kick drums and screamed lyrics take over followed by a chorus of fast guitars and dual vocals. Final track ‘Destroy The Agenda [We’ll Build Our Own Adventures]’ is the one that would have you swaying along to in the live setting, its chugging but more drawn out guitar sets a slower and more flowing pace to the song. The song ends very abruptly not drawing out the album closer any longer than necessary.

This is a really wonderful debut album from Inherit The Stars, their songs are full of their experiences and influences. Things which have served them well into making a first album that really shows exactly what the band are capable of from slower almost ballad like tracks to big moments in choruses, guitar solos or the drumming. Mixing their sound up a bit from just a straight up alternative album with strings and synths shows that they’re not afraid of experimenting with their sound and are striving to create something a little bit different from what else is out there.

To find out more about the band visit their Facebook page.


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