tracks of the week #7

Took a little break with the tracks of the week post last week as I was away but I’m back again this week with a round up of tracks I’ve been listening to over the past couple of weeks. Bar Daft Punk because I featured that the other week but seriously I can not stop listening to it. I got sent a couple of albums to review while I was away so I’ve been listening to those and they are seriously good album, read my reviews here and here.

The Cure – Lovesong

The Cure’s Greatest Hits album is one of my favourite albums to listen to, The Cure have always been a band I loved for a really long time and after seeing them last year my love for the band has only grown. I really love this song, like a lot of The Cure’s songs it sounds so hopelessly romantic and that is a quality of their music that I adore and just really find to be so beautiful to listen to. One of the most perfect love songs I have ever heard.

Alexander – Old Fashioned Romance

I got sent this band’s album last week and this was by far the standout track on the album for me, it completely blew me away with how beautiful it is. A soft piano ballad and storytelling lyrics, a wonderful track that builds up to a huge final chorus and really shows just how good this band are.

Amateur Best with Chilly Gonzales – Ready for the Good Life

I got sent this track through the Rough Trade weekly subscription I have where they send you 6 tracks every week for £2.99. This song in particular really stood out for me in last week’s batch of tracks, not just because it’s a really good track but because the lead vocals sound so much like Ralph Pelleymounter from To Kill A King that I had to check a few times to make sure it wasn’t him. A piano lead song with a dancey beat and some really great vocal melodies throughout.

Pheonix – Entertainment

An almost oriental sounding undertone to the upbeat synth pop beginning, as an album opener it kicks you straight into proceedings. It’s danceable, sing a long and utterly brilliant. I think the whole album ‘Bankrupt!’ could be one of my favourites of this year so far.

Foals – Late Night [Koreless Remix]

The original of this track is very down tempo, all drawn out vocals and soft piano, this remix really leaves the intensity and emotion of Yannis’ vocals to really lead the track as it does in the original but adding different elements, less soft piano and more high pitched sounds. In its own way it is a really good rethinking of ‘Late Night’.


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