recent spring buys.

Pleather Stud Black Shorts. £9.99 [60% off]. AX Paris.

I love these shorts and I featured them a couple of weeks ago in this wishlist post. I went on AX Paris website later that day and they had 60% off so it was an obvious and inevitable buy. They are really nice, they are a great fit, not too short and for fake leather shorts at such a reasonable price they look a lot more close to real leather than I thought they would. Only issue would be that the studs are quite sharp so that could be a potential injury hazard to myself or others but apart from that they are completely perfect and I’m so glad I bought them.

Black Discopants. £10. Boohoo.

Coral Oversized Jumper. £15. Boohoo.

I’m ashamed to say this is my first ever order from Boohoo, they do always have a lot of brilliant and well designed clothes on their site all for very affordable prices so I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to order from them. I bought the jumper after seeing it in the latest issue of Company and instantly falling in love with it, it’s simple and oversized and comes in a range of colours from plain black to neons so it’s perfect for a statement or basic piece. I’ve always been a bit causcious of discopants mainly because of sizing issues I’ve heard about and not knowing if they would be too shiny but these are great, I ordered my size and they fit perfectly and they are not too shiny in their appearance at all. Very happy with Boohoo’s clothes, fast delivery and all for good affordable prices I will definitely be ordering from them again.

Floral Dress. £7 [sale]. Tesco.

Supermarket clothes shopping is getting even better all the time and even though I had to buy 2 sizes bigger than I am, as they only had 2 sizes left in stock, but it’s fine with a waist belt to pull it in, it’s a nice length and a well made product.

Blue & White Polka Dot and Black Stud Sandals. £8 each. Primark.

Everyone needs sandals for summer and completely trashing my current Primark sandals last year in New York and travelling around Europe I was in desperate need of some more and never one to spend a lot of money on sandals mainly because I always ruin them I headed to Primark. They had an amazing selection in, from plain to patterned to studded there was pretty much something for everyone. I chose these two because I love polka dot and studs, they are pretty cheap and I think Primark may have finally improved sizes on some of their shoes too as these fit me perfectly for once.

Rimmel Make Up – Kate Moss Salon Pro Nail Varnish in Shade 347 Disco Fever. Cocktail Colour In A Flash Nail Varnish in Shade 140 Hawaiian Punch. GlamEyes Eyeshadow in Shade 200 Spicy Bronze. ScandelEyes Mascara in Black.

Spending £10 on Rimmel products just to get a free mascara, I am totally guilty of this. In all fairness you can never have enough nail varnish and both of these colours are just too nice and I did need a new browny gold/bronze eyeshadow so I may as well buy them to get the free mascara, one that I have wanted to try for ages anyway. Rimmel is fast becoming my go to make up brand and we all know it’s quality and has a good reputation so it is understandable why I love it so much. I’ll be sticking up some reviews on all of these products soon as well.

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