cheer up clothing.

First founded a good few years ago now, this alternative clothing brand has grown to become a favourite among many. Created and run by Matt Barnes, bassist for You Me At Six, and Ed Thomas, good friends who through a love of music and good clothes decided to start up their own clothing line and with that Cheer Up was born. A unisex clothing company regularly worn by bands and fans alike, it has gone from a small t-shirt company to a brand creating lines including shirts, dresses, shorts, bomber jackets etc.

Their relationship with musicians not only stops at them wearing their clothes but plenty of artists have gone down to the offices of the label to perform acoustic sessions. All videos of these performances and chats can be found on the ‘T-Room’ section of the website, artists that have taken part in the past include Blitz Kids, We Are The Ocean, Tonight Alive, There For Tomorrow, HelloGoodbye and many more including a 3 song session from one of my favourites, Bastille.

They are a brand that focuses massively on their customers, delivering brilliant service, really good quality and hoping to make loyal customers out of every single person they encounter and sell to. All pieces are really well designed, very current but at the same time something that will take you from season to season. There is colour, pattern and the now iconic shake design is prevalent throughout pieces in every line. With so many products from hoodies to polo shirts, jumpers to bags; whether you are after a basic hoodie, a brand new t-shirt with a cool design or some new accessories, there really is something for everyone here. Prices are very reasonable too so if you are after a new alternative piece to add to your wardrobe then check out Cheer Up.

Here is my own personal wishlist from the items in their current collection that is on their website right now. I know rucksacks are everywhere at the moment but this is by far my favourite of all the ones I have seen and the dress is so pretty. Plus, the pattern/design on the bag and dress are featured a lot throughout other products in their collection at the moment too:


Tropical Leaf Summer Dress/Safari Club Weekender Rucksack/Geographers Kit Girls T-shirt/Palm Pendant/Summer Script Hoodie in Red/Safari Club Girls Vest


Cheer Up Logo
Matt and Ed picture


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