Album Review: The Trade – FU-GO.

The Trade

FU-GO is the 2nd album from the Scottish quintet The Trade. After touring the UK for 3 years playing as headliners, support acts and festival slots the band are ready to release their next album about doing something you love whether it works out or not.

An immediate opening to the album with drums, guitar and the rock infused vocals on ‘Amsterdam’, the ‘la la la’s add a catchy sing along element to the chorus which contrasts the heavy rock sounds of the vocals and strums of deep guitar sounds running throughout. Next track ‘Beauty and the Beast’ has a softer beginning, melodic almost pulsing guitars, softer vocals and a catchy riff, this is one that is sure to go down well live getting the crowd moving.

Drum and cymbal hit straight into the frantic fast paced guitar riff of ‘Big Chunk O’Crackleback’, the distorted guitar and slight funk element adds a catchy dancability to the verses that will have you swaying along to the music. ‘Daddies Twisted’ is the most down tempo track on the album so far, soft flowing guitar, the drums and cymbals add a rock edge and when it really kicks in half way through the music sounds darker and more drawn out.

All the vocals from lead singer, Ross Milne, sound really raw and rough throughout, it’s a rock band voice adding an extra element to the instrumental music being made, it compliments really well but doesn’t get lost standing out against the rock tracks.

Bass solo then kick drum then vocals balanced against those deep sounds then chugging guitar comes in before a riff on the lead guitar, all these separate entities merge together for the big moment of the chorus on ‘I Want What You Want’. A short song with an acoustic beginning ‘Lady Get Over You’ offers a completely different side to the band showing their diversity musically and is a good middle point between each half of the album. Picking up pace again for the 2nd half of the album ‘Lie Like You Wanna Lie’ sounds like a classic rock track with a steady beat.

The slightly grungey Pearl Jam-esque sound of ‘Thankless’ adds to the more chilled softer songs on this half of the album. With a slower tempo and more melody, it’s a song you can really sit and listen to. Final track ‘The Fall’ has a more immediate start than the others with fast riffs, a good beat, a sing along catchy chorus, a bass solo breakdown and a slight dance element. It’s the perfect finish to the album with this song bound to be stuck in your head long after the last note has been played.

You can tell from the sounds of this album that making music is something the band love to do, having toured so extensively, they have picked up plenty of experience in order to create what is a brilliant rock album. Taking the risk of doing what makes them happy seems to have paid off with them creating something they can not only be proud of but something that is very good.

The album is available to download now from iTunes now. The band have a series of gigs for this year that were announced in April this year and it is only the start of touring for the quintet this year. To find out where they are playing or to find out more about the band visit their website, their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter – @The_Trade


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