tracks of the week #12

Another week, another bunch of tracks that have made my week for you all to have a listen to, enjoy!

Friendly Fires – White Diamonds

My favourite song from the band’s debut album and one of my all time favourite songs of their’s too. With some beautiful lyrics, some great guitar sounds and some really good drums, it is one hell of a gem of an album track. The video I’ve added is a live version of the song from Reading Festival in 2009 and it is one of my favourite performances of that song that I’ve watched on YouTube.

Hello Lazarus – Get An Axe

After reviewing the album this week I must admit this band have become one that I have been listening to a lot lately and that is because I think they are really bloody good. As I said in my review this is one of the best crafted rock songs I have heard all year with its brilliant rhythm section holding the track together and the huge chorus.

The Jam – A Town Called Malice

I heard The Jam the other day after such a long time of not listening to them and it reminded me of just how much I love that band and the sound and songs remind me of a certain part of my teenage years when I discovering so many amazing bands from the past such as The Clash, Sex Pistols etc. ‘A Town Called Malice’ is my favourite song by the band and in my honest opinion I think Paul Weller was at his best in The Jam, some of his solo stuff is pretty good don’t get me wrong but not as good. Also, Kids In Glass Houses did a pretty awesome cover of this song a few years back which you can check out here.

Jagwar Ma – What Love

This is the first track on the band’s recently released debut album and if you weren’t already aware of dance/guitar cross over in their music then you will be from the first track. It’s a trippy sounding song with repetition a plenty in the vocals and background sounds but though repetition in songs can be boring that is not the case here, it’s a short song and will keep you interested. One of the best new bands around at the moment have released a brilliant debut and this is just one of many good songs on offer on their debut.


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