dogtooth skirt & track of the week.

Shirt from Topshop/M&S Skirt bought from eBay/Boots from Office/Necklace from EverOurs

Avon Nailwear Pro in Jalapeño Fashion Show & Avon Mosiac Effects Top Coat in Plum Illusion.

Firstly, apologies that I take a terrible outfit picture, it’s my goddamn face which is the reason I mainly cut it off see the second outfit photo.

I’m a bit sick of this crap weather in all honesty now, I’m sure you are all the same but honestly I have no idea what to wear on a day to day basis anymore. Totally wanting to just pack a suitcase and book a flight to some place warm. The only holiday I have booked at the moment is a week in London in October which is amazing as I love London but it is not any better weather there than in Sheffield.

After a mega busy week spent mainly cleaning two houses from top to bottom to make them constantly presentable [the bane of having your house on the market], new stuff for the new house shopping and writing plenty of articles I decided to treat myself a bit yesterday and head on down to Topshop’s sale. I looked online Wednesday night and didn’t find anything I wanted but going in store I managed to part with a good amount of money, there is a lot of good stuff in store and the store in Sheffield city centre is tiny so I imagine bigger stores will have even more amazing stuff in. This outfit was actually yesterday’s outfit for said Topshop trip. A new purchase from ebay with the skirt, don’t you just love it when you buy something off ebay and it is completely perfect, the item and the service. Speaking of ebay you can check out my ebay store full of plenty of bits and bobs from vintage, band t’s, old high street stuff, shoes and bags, I’m having a serious ‘I’m moving house soon and need to take less things with me’ clear out so there is constantly new stuff being added so feel free to take some stuff off of my hands.

Today, I’m out having a much needed day away from home and writing and a much needed catch up with my friend. Meadowhall shopping, cinema and a meal are the plans for the day. I’m on the lookout for some new heels that are a) not too high [I am already way too tall] and b) a flats lover like me can walk in and bare all night. That could be an impossible task.

Finally, as you may already be aware I write for Yuppee Magazine where most of what I write is about women’s rights, feminism and I’m branching out into politics by that I mean I’ve written my first politics article but am currently too scared to post it but anyway if you want to check out my more opinion based writing then it is over there for you to read. But also I am now writing for On The Come Up TV which only launched yesterday and is a music magazine site, I’ve already had an album review and an interview published up on there and have another interview to go up over this weekend. As I said more music stuff so if you want to read some more of my music writings then head on over there. As I said before very busy on the writing front but that doesn’t mean I’m going to neglect this here blog, if anything I’m more determined than ever with the stuff that goes on here and writing more and more. Though I’m taking a break from the music news posts for a bit while I have a blog rethink on certain areas and hopefully redesign which is all dependant on my very limited Photoshop skills but keep your eyes peeled for more music, fashion and book writing and hopefully a few new bits and pieces. Also, thank you so much for supporting my blog by reading, following, commenting etc, it’s awesome that people care enough to do that.

And if you read all that you deserve a high five or at the very least a good cup of tea and while you are drinking your brew you can check out the awesome song I have for you to listen to this week below:

Disclosure ft. Eliza Doolittle – You and Me [Flume Remix]

Disclosure released an absolutely brilliant debut album a couple of weeks ago now and the amazing Australian producer Flume has remixed the pair’s track that features London singer Eliza Doolittle. It’s a wonderful remix, in a word I’d say it sounds quite epic with the build up’s to amazing drops, fans of dubby tracks will love this and I honestly think this is one of the best remixes I’ve heard all year.


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