make up reviews: seventeen, avon & benefit.

Seventeen Dolled Up Mascara in Black: A voucher from Boots made this new product just £2 instead of the £6.99 it’s currently retailing at. It says it creates the curl for perfect doll effect eyes and that I would agree with it did give my eyelashes the most curl of any other mascara I have used. I didn’t really get any clumps from every time I’ve used this too which is pretty good, though it’s not as black and doesn’t create as heavy an effect on my eyes as I would like but that is more my own personal preference than a bad point towards the product. In terms of wear it is very good lasting all day without need to retouch and no smudging, it applies easily and also when it comes to removing the product it comes off easily leaving little if any product on the lashes so no panda eyes the next morning which is always a good thing. For a daytime or more natural look this is the perfect choice for me and I do think it would be something I would purchase if willing to achieve that but personally it’s not the type of mascara I usually go for. A brilliant product but not for me.

Avon Always on Point Eyeliner in Black: This is by far my favourite eyeliner I have ever tried. After having worn this product a few times on nights out and for full days I can say that it is brilliant and after hours of wear it never or very minimally smudges for that it is the best of all the eyeliners I have ever bought. Putting the product on is very easy and as the colour is very intense it is already a perfect black straight away. It always creates a good clean line perfect for creating catflicks and making sure your eyeliner looks perfect. In the lid there is a built in sharpener so every time you take the lid off the product the eyeliner is always sharp to create these good lines. I would fully recommend this product as it is one of the best eyeliners I have ever purchased and for such a small price compared to some other brands you get a lot of quality for your money, I will definitely be buying this eyeliner again.

Above is the makeup look I created with the Seventeen mascara and Avon eyeliner.

Benefit They’re Real Mascara in Black [Travel Size from Elle magazine]: I’m one of those Elle readers that dips in and out of reading the magazine, only picking up the occassional issue but the free gift with last month’s issue completely swayed me into buying it as I’m sure it did with many others. After having wanted to try out Benefit’s They’re Real mascara for ages anyway but I’d held back having not had the cash to stump up the cost of it especially if I didn’t like it. So finally with a sample size of the product for the price of the magazine I set about to see if the hype really was worth it.

I can see why there is so much love for this product, it’s the type of mascara I love that gives a more dramatic and heavier effect on my lashes though I wouldn’t say it’s completely free of giving you clumpy lashes. The black is pigmented enough to make sure you only need a couple of sweeps for the desired effect and the smaller bristles on the end of the brush are perfect for your bottom lashes or corner lashes. The main bad point for me though is trying to get the mascara off at night, though it doesn’t move at all during the day which is perfect, come night time when I’m trying to get the product off it takes a long time to the point where it is never fully off unless I want to rub my eyes to the point of soreness and two days after wearing the mascara and having not worn any other eye makeup I have still had left over mascara causing panda eyes, though it’s easy to remove it’s not great. Though they are minor problems really when you think about it and are easily solved it is still a great mascara and I think when I have finished the sample from Elle I will more than likely repurchase for use again in the future but it’s not going to overtake my current and trusty Day to Night by Rimmel.

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