ootd: f&f dress & new purchases.

Dress – Florence and Fred at Tesco. Watch – Casio.

A pretty simple outfit but what I wore to go shopping and go to the cinema last week. I went shopping in need of a nice new pair of shoes that I could wear on a night out that weren’t too high and were comfy and a new bag mainly for night’s out as well and I found both straight away in the first two shops I went in, don’t you just love it when shopping is that simple. I thought I’d include a picture of my face too [sorry!] as I was actually very happy with how my make up and hair turned out that day. The girl who never really bothers with her hair actually spent nearly an hour on this, it probably shouldn’t have taken half as long as that but I’m useless and I achieved this style pretty simply and I really love how my hair looked that day.

So it’s been the summer sales this past week or so and with so many stores having huge sales I’ve spent so much time online and in stores looking for some amazing buys and I found quite a few, the Topshop sale in particular was a highlight for me, yet again, as I got some amazing things from there. So here is a look at my sale buys and some other new purchases:

Acid Wash Maroon T-Shirt. £10. Topshop.

Tee and Cake Rocket T-shirt. £10. Topshop.

Patterned Skirt. £15. Topshop.

Striped Aztec Print Skirt. £20. Topshop.

As I said before Topshop’s sale was amazing for me and full of some absolutely amazing pieces. I must admit the actual discounted prices weren’t as discounted as I was expecting so I was a lot more picky about what I actually wanted with that in mind. £10 for a plain t-shirt is probably quite expensive but cheaper than normal Topshop prices for plain t-shirts which are quite frankly way overpriced but I do love maroon, oversized and acid wash clothing so this t-shirt is perfect for me. The skirts I was in desperate need of, after clearing out my wardrobe again I ended up getting rid of most of my skirts so I was after some new, patterned and affordable ones and both of these completely fit the bill. I love the how the first one doesn’t have a straight hem with the irregular overlap of fabric and the second one is just so colourful and an amazing pattern how could I leave the shop without this one. There was some other items I liked in the sale but as I said I had to be picky with only slight price reductions but I am more than happy with these purchases adding a bit of a new lease of life to my wardrobe and if you haven’t already you really should check out Topshop’s sale.

Orange Wedges. Meant to be £17.99 were £12.99. New Look.

How awesome are these wedges? Like seriously, they are the most amazing wedges I have ever laid my eyes on that would not cause severe damage to my feet. I absolutely love the colour not only are they stand out but they will also go with plenty of things in my wardrobe. They are amazingly comfy too, just enough heel for me as I don’t really need any extra height, I can walk in them easily and they fit perfectly. Plus, they were meant to be a very cheap £18 but after paying for them I realised they had only charged me £12! Absolute bargain! I thought shoe shopping was going to be a disaster but after finding these almost straight away and being so perfect I was one happy girl.

Brown Studded Bag. £6. Primark.

Flamingo Glasses. £2. Primark.

Primark is my go to place for a bag I can use for nights out and gigs as their bags are so cheap yet usually a good enough size and design they are pretty perfect because if they do break or get ruined at least I haven’t spent a fortune on the bag in the first place. This one takes over from my old bag as it broke after a drunken night of way too much dancing in Corp, RIP trusty bag but hello my brand spanking new brown studded one. And the glasses well we all knew I wanted them I blogged about them a while ago now and I was determined to buy a pair just coz they look damn cool and for £2 you can’t really complain can you.

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