Summer 2013 Drop Dead Clothing Line

Skull Fucked Sleeveless Shirt / Witchcraft Denim Dungarees / Death Bed Jacket / Woof Woof Shirt / Deathshead Necklace / Crescent Ring / Working Class Beanie

At the end of last week one of my favourite clothing companies Drop Dead Clothing released their latest line for summer 2013. I’ve written about this brand so many times in the past and every time they release a new line I always comment on how they are constantly improving and stepping up their designs and yet again they have released a line even better than the last. With a new quite scary looking heart logo being one of the main features throughout it is a range that not only incorporates the latest trends but also puts their own alternative stamp on it. With tie dye t-shirts in the men’s collection, leather jackets that could easily become the staple piece of your wardrobe, crop tops, beautiful sheer shirts like the ‘Woof Woof Shirt’ pictured above with batwing sleeves and dog head pattern, basic beanies, lovely jewellery and some really cool dungarees. Pretty much all areas have been covered in this summer line and there is something for everyone to add to their wardrobe. Above is a little moodboard/collage of my favourite pieces from the collection in particular the ‘Woof Woof Shirt’, ‘Witchcraft Denim Dungarees’ and ‘Death Bed Jacket’ which would also make a really good outfit all put together too.

To check out all of Drop Dead’s new collection, have a look through their lookbook and check out all their other older lines, then visit Drop Dead’s website.


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