Primark A/W 13

Summer may finally be here with it being stupidly hot outside but a couple of weeks ago Primark revealed their A/W 13 line and it looks brilliant! Primark may be the place for a quick shop round for some cheap basic pieces to stock up on for your wardrobe but of late it’s clothes and designs have really improved. The above images are all taken from Primark’s upcoming Autumn/Winter collection and as you can see they have upped their game yet again, really contending with other high street names in terms of stylish pieces and as we all know they have them for a cheaper price than all other high street retailers too.
Blacks, greys, whites and reds all make a big appearance throughout and the tartan patterning is one of my favourite patterns so I can’t wait to get my hands on that beautiful tartan white collared dress. Grungy punk aesthetics with the tartans, plenty of black, big boots, leather looks, studs and hats however there is also the more retro-y 60’s look with boxy two tone coats, cute tea dresses, A line mid-length skirts worn with jumpers and patterned trousers. The colours are good, the looks are brilliant and there is so much on offer and best of all it doesn’t look like Primark it looks more expensive but it is still at purse friendly prices.

I’ve already made a mental shopping list of what I want – tartan dress, sequinned jumper, tartan skirt, green patterned trousers, boxy red coat and plenty of accessories. Roll on Autumn/Winter!

What do you think of Primark’s A/W 13 range? What are your favourite pieces?


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