#ootd: neon orange

F&F Neon Orange Dress/Belt from Primark/Bowler Hat from H&M/Nails – Barry M Hot Pink and Bright Yellow

I love this dress and I am a serious fan of orange though the neon trend is something I had never actually tried at all yet, my pale skin should have been a disaster area for colours this bright but if I was ever going to try the trend it was with neon orange for sure. As soon as I saw this dress in Tesco for £5 [total bargain!] I knew I had to have it, I just love how bright it is, the pictures do not do the neon-ness of this dress justice at all, in reality it is more like highlighter orange. Also, t-shirt dresses are massive wardrobe staple, pretty much anyone can pull them off but I don’t really have many of them at all weirdly. There is a really subtle pattern running throughout the dress as well which I love though the fit isn’t brilliant. I got 2 sizes down from what I normally am in this and it’s still too big, I think I could have gone down another size or two to make it fit better so if you do see this dress in Tesco then get a good two sizes down for sure.

I wore this outfit on Saturday when I went to Leeds for a friend’s 30th birthday day out. It was a really good day out with some good old last minute last train home drama, no day out especially to Leeds is ever complete without some form of drama from trains. Luckily it was a bit cooler on Saturday so it was a nice comfortable heat for once instead of the horrible heat we’ve had recently. The hat is officially my favourite thing in the world and I don’t wear it nearly as much as I should and the lipstick which is the Kate Moss for Rimmel in shade 110 is just brilliant, a whole day eating and drinking and I only had to reapply just to touch the colour up slightly once bar that it didn’t budge all day, so impressed with that lipstick. Also, kept my nails slightly neon themed with the yellow and pink, my boredom on Friday night waiting for Sherlock to start clearly shows through here but I think they look pretty good for me anyway, I’m no nail art expert but the patterns above I can just about manage.

Have any of you guys tried the neon trend this S/S?


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